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   <td><table border=0 width=100% align=center cellpadding=4>
   <td><table border=0 width=100% align=center cellpadding=4>
       <tr bgcolor=#cccccc>
       <tr bgcolor=#cccccc>
         <td align=center colspan=2 nowrap><font size=5><b>{{PAGENAME}}</b></font></td>
         <td align=center colspan=2 nowrap><font size=4><b>{{PAGENAME}}</b></font></td>

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Cost: {{{cost}}} gold
Points Required: {{{pointsreq}}}

Power: {{{power}}}
Power Type: [[{{{powertype}}}]]
Power Bonus: {{{powerbonus}}}%
Attraction Bonus: {{{attbonus}}}%
Luck: {{{luck}}}
Cheese Effect: {{{chzeffect}}}

Image: [{{{imglink}}} External Link]


Simple table template to maintain consistency between Traps pages. All fields are required.

{{ Weapon
| cost       = 
| titlereq   = 
| power      = 
| powertype  = 
| powerbonus = 
| attbonus   = 
| luck       = 
| chzeffect  = 
| LimEd      =
| Craft      =
| Smash      =
| Skin       =
| mhinfo     =
| imglink    = 
| desc       = 


Use numbers only for Bonus fields; the % is added automatically by the template. If there is no stat for a given field, use 0 (zero) in its place.

For the mhinfo field, list only the portion of the Larry's Loot Lexicon link after the item_type= in the link. For example, 2010 Blastoff Trap would list mhinfo = 2010_blastoff_trap_weapon.

The description is to be copied from the official MouseHunt page.

Set Skin = Yes if there is at least one skin; this does not show up in the infobox, but does affect automatic categorization.

See more notes in the Manual of Style.