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Gold is the currency of MouseHunt. It is earned by catching mice and, to a lesser extent, accepting rewards from the King, also it has has been found though getting Satchel of Gold. Gold is exchanged for trap components, cheese, Marketplace items and traveling.

All hunters also receive an hourly wage of 25 gold from the King.


Hunter is a term that refers to an individual MouseHunt player. Every player who adds the MouseHunt application gains this title. There are several Ranks of hunters, which affect how and where one can hunt.

Every hunter can have several people in their hunting party. Your hunting party grows if you have more Facebook friends online and hunting in your location. With a larger hunting party, your friends can sound the horn for you, sending you on more hunts, so long as you are online within the last hour. Otherwise, only the trap checks can happen without the hunter's input. You must log into MH once per 24 hours to recieve the random trap checks which happen on average 24 times per 24 hours.

Occasionally, there are rewards for 'active' hunters from the King. An active hunter is defined as any hunter who has cheese currently on their trap.

Hunter's Horn

The Hunter's Horn is an active gameplay tool on Mousehunt, available every 15 minutes, that allows all hunters with any type of cheese armed upon their weapon and base to 'check their trap'. If it has been over 15 minutes since the hunter's last hunt, or if he/she visits Mousehunt for the first time that day, they will have the opportunity to click The Hunter's Horn icon at the top of the page. This initiates a short 'horn blowing' animation and awards a 'Hunt Bonus', in the form of experience points, to the hunter, depending on the number of active hunters in your hunting group currently online in that location.

There are several possible outcomes that can result from a hunt. In earlier stages of the game, the outcomes are fewer. The mouse may merely take the piece of cheese without being caught, or it may result in a successful catch, whereby the hunter will collect experience points and gold, depending on the weight and type of mouse caught. In later stages of the game, the mice are more dangerous and, besides taking the cheese without being caught, the mice can affect the hunter's 'courage' on an unsuccessful hunt. This can take the form of the mouse stealing experience points, gold or extra pieces of cheese from the hunter.


The King of Gnawnia has called brave mouse hunters to his kingdom to fight the mice that are destroying his lands. It is he that pays rewards to hunters. He also has the power to increase the title of a hunter. The King's name is currently a mystery, although speculation exists that his name has been determined by Mousehunt developers. A contest held in the Summer of 2008 garnered hundreds of guesses from players. When the contest ended, it was revealed by the developers that the King's name had not yet been correctly guessed.

The King knows how bad the mouse problem is in Gnawnia from personal experience. On 10 September 2008, the King's Crown was stolen by a Master Burglar Mouse. It was later recovered by a hunter, Amy White, resulting in the greatest single prize awarded in MouseHunt to date.


Each mouse caught is worth a specific number of points. Trap components have a minimum points requirement, should a hunter fail to meet the requirement they will not be able to purchase the component. Points determine your rank on the scoreboard.

Points are gained by catching mice. The heavier the mouse is, the less points it is worth. Since a smaller mouse is faster, it is more challenging to catch, and therefore worth more points. In certain areas, the mice might steal points if you attract but fail to catch them. These areas are the Harbour, the Mountain, the Laboratory, the Mousoleum and the Training Grounds. Up to now, the Mousoleum is the best place to make points and gold quickly although the mice tend to cause severe damage there. However, the MouseHunt developers slightly reduced the possible point losses in these areas after the roll-out of MouseHunt 2.0.

25 points are also awarded each time you sound the Hunter's Horn. You gain 10 extra points for each hunter in your Hunting Group at your location and yet to sound the horn, up to a maximum of 250 points.