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MouseHunt Terms of Service

Game Policies

MouseHunt (by HitGrab Inc.) is intended to be a family-friendly game. Users are asked to use language and actions (in the message board, and via any other MouseHunt related medium) which respect other players and which are suitable for a general audience. HitGrab Inc. reserves the right to remove players who violate these guidelines of conduct at their own discretion.

Scripting and/or Cheating

MouseHunt users are prohibited from using scripts and/or any other performance enhancing methods to catch mice or otherwise give them any advantage in the game. We currently track Facebook users and their auto-refreshing/auto-reloading. This includes any and all Firefox plug-ins. If a MouseHunt player is suspected of utilizing duplicitous methods to catch mice/gain gold/get points/win prizes the developers and/or administrators of the game retain the right to remove these players at will and/or forfeit any prizes these duplicitous players might win.

Multiple Accounts

MouseHunt forbids the use of multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Facebook has a policy against multiple accounts and those found using more than one account to play MouseHunt will be removed from the game and reported to Facebook.

Updates and Improvements

MouseHunt users can expect updates and improvements to the game on a regular basis (at the discretion of HitGrab Inc.). Updates can sometimes alter certain elements of the game. You agree not to be a complete loser or whiner if an update occurs which you do not enjoy or has (in your opinion) a negative impact on your instance of the MouseHunt game. It is most likely for the betterment of the community at large.

Friend Invites

MouseHunt players cannot invite other Facebook users by force or spam other Facebook users for any reason. Violating this guideline will lead to immediate removal from the MouseHunt game.

Discussion Boards / Forums / Chat

MouseHunt players agree to act in a respectful manner and conduct themselves in a way appropriate for a "Family Friendly" setting.

Players are forbidden to:

   * use profanity
   * use racist or derogatory terms
   * discuss topics of an illegal or sexual nature
   * show prejudice or discriminate against others
     (towards an individual, a people, a race/ethnic group, a religion/belief, etc.)

Violation of these terms is grounds for removal from MouseHunt and a juicy report to Facebook.


HitGrab Inc. provides prizes to MouseHunt players to enhance the game experience. Prizes vary widely in size and value. HitGrab Inc. reserves the right to hold back any prize for any reason at their own discretion. Indemnification

Users who install the MouseHunt application agree to these terms of services and indemnify HitGrab Inc. from any damages of any sort which MouseHunt may cause in any way and agree not to hold HitGrab Inc. liable for any reason in all the world through all eternity.