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{{ Base
{{ Base
  | cost      = 170,000
  | cost      = 170,000
  | titlereq  = Legendary
  | titlereq  = [[Legendary]]
  | power      = 200
  | power      = 200
  | powerbonus = 18
  | powerbonus = 18

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The Tiki Base is crafted using the Tiki Base Blueprints which are available from Ronza, provided she has replenished her stock since her last visit, and can be purchased on the Marketplace.

Tiki Base
Base Statistics Base Info
Power: 200 Title Required: Legendary
Power Bonus: 18% Cost: 170,000
Attraction Bonus: 5% Limited Edition: No
Luck: 0 Crafted: Yes
Cheese Effect: Very Fresh Smashable: No
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: External Link
Made from precious Tribal Timber collected by smashing a Tribal Base, the Tiki Base features a more ornate design than its tribal counterpart. The serpentine carvings mesmerize the mice of Elub, Nerg and Derr giving your trap a +6 luck bonus when encountering them on a hunt.

Obtained Via

This page was last updated for Ronza's May 2014 visit.

The Tiki Base is not sold by any Trapsmith. It can only be crafted given the proper ingredients.

The required Tiki Base Blueprints are occasionally available from Ronza and can be purchased on the Marketplace.


Formula: Tiki Base
Item Qty Cost (Each) Source
Tiki Base Blueprints 1 170,000
Tribal Timber 3 N/A
Total 170,000

Location-Specific Effects

  • +6 Luck in these locations.

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