Tome of Wisdom

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This magical tome contains hunting knowledge. Opening the tome bestows this wisdom upon the hunter, furthering their hunter's title and giving bonus points. The magical enchantment is so strong that a hunter may keep no more than 3 of these tomes in their inventory at any one time.

A colored Tome of Wisdom is awarded to a hunter upon completion of a Library Assignment. A hunter may hold up to 3 of each particular color tome (for a current maximum of 18). A hunter is unable to claim the points that are lost if a tome is not awarded because the inventory had reached the maximum for a particular color that an assignment would have awarded.

Each tome appears in the hunter's Special Inventory, where it can be opened with the Read button. The color of a tome is determined by the relative difficulty of the assignment that awarded it, and the amount of Points earned upon reading a tome are as follows:

Color Points Image Assignments
Yellow Tome of Wisdom 45,000 Image Catalog Library Assignment
Library Mice Assignment
Library Power Type Assignment
Catalog Haunted Mice
Green Tome of Wisdom 90,000 Image Library Mice Assignment
Library Power Type Assignment
Acrostic Research Assignment
Catalog Haunted Mice
Blue Tome of Wisdom 130,000 Image Seasonal Garden Assignment
Mystic King Assignment
Technic King Assignment
Zurreal Trap Research Assignment
Acrostic Research Assignment
Advanced Terrortories Research
Purple Tome of Wisdom 180,000 Image Furoma Assignment
Pagoda Assignment
Dojo Sensei Assignment
Mystic Amplifier Assignment
Technic Amplifier Assignment
Advanced Amplifier Assignment
M400 Bait Research Assignment
Red Tome of Wisdom 270,000 Image M400 Bait Research Assignment
Silver Tome of Wisdom 520,000 Image M400 Hunting Research Assignment

An unreleased Onyx Tome of Wisdom is also mentioned in Larry's Loot Lexicon, but until a library assignment can actually award this tome, its point value is unknown.