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The Torn Pages of Plankrun’s Journal

During your travels you may find pages from the fabled MouseHunter Plankrun. The stories of this first-ever MouseHunter have been whispered over campfires throughout the years. Unfortunately, all that is known about the fate of this hunter is what can be deciphered from the torn pages of Plankrun’s journal, often found scattered across the Kingdom.

To date, four pages are known, two related to hunting Masters in the Dojo (one of these has recipes for the 4 master-related cheeses, and the other discusses the dojo and training grounds in general) and are dropped by Monk Mice in the training grounds and two related to the Gnawnia mice (those of the Meadow in particular, one with general information of the mice and one with a short background of the pages' origin) which were dropped by Dwarf Mice in the Meadow. This is a relatively new release, and research is still ongoing.

Journal Drops

Journal Page Dropped By
Dojo Page 1 Monk Mouse Training Grounds Cheese Recipes
Dojo Page 2 Monk Mouse Training Grounds Plankrun's Journal entry on the Dojo
Gnawnia Page 1 Dwarf Mouse Meadow Plankrun's Commissioning by the King of Gnawnia
Gnawnia Page 2 Dwarf Mouse Meadow Plankrun's Research on the mice of the Meadow