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Tournaments are mice-catching competitions. In order to join a tournament, hunters have to join or create a Hunting Team, then click Tournaments option from the Teams drop-down menu on the game navigation. This will display a list of active and upcoming tournaments, allowing hunters to browse tournaments and view information about a specific tournament, including the number of teams involved, how the scoring works, and within which locations the tournament takes place. A Join button located at the right of each row of tournament.

Do note that unlike the old tournaments, hunters have to enter the tournament themselves as their captain cannot enter for the entire team. This is in preparation of future updates that will expand the allowed number of team members and also allow different members of your team to compete in different tournaments at the same time.

Upon joining a tournament, a heads-up display (HUD) will appear near the top of the game informing hunters how long until the tournament starts, how many fellow team members have joined the same tournament, how many active team members are in the same tournament, and some controls to invite teammates and friends to compete together. Upon the tournament starting, the HUD will change to indicate the amount of time remaining along with your team's current points and rank. Should hunters need a reminder of the scoring rules, they can click the name of the tournament on the HUD to view the tournament details.

While in an active tournament, sounding the Tourney Horn will send teammates in the same tournament on party hunts if they are ready to hunt, and vice versa, only those in your Hunting Party will bring you along for a hunt. Each party member could be in a different location but as long as they are ready to hunt, they will be brought along on a hunt when a teammate sounds the horn. Trap checks still occur when you are in an active tournament, but they do not add to the multiplier nor count toward earning tournament points. As soon as the tournament is over, normal horn hunts resume as usual.

General Rules

  • Individual members can only be in one tournament at a time, although teams can participate in different tournaments at the same time
  • Hunters cannot join a tournament that has started.
  • Only a certain amount of team members can join a tournament.
  • Hunters who leave a tournament early cannot claim prizes.
  • Spend Tournament Tokens at the Tournament Shop in Valour.

Types of Tournaments


Tournament points are scored for catching mice specific to the tournament.


During an Endurance tournament the entire team shares a multiplier bar. The multiplier starts at 1x, and cannot exceed 10x or fall below 1x. When anyone in the team catches mouse, its tournament point value will be multiplied by your current team's multiplier.


Currently in development, boost tournaments are for passive hunters who don't sound their horns often. Hunters have a boost button to press when they log in, which would boost the multiplier to the maximum of 20. The multiplier is used up during trap checks and as the hunter hunts more frequently.  

List of Tournaments

Event Tournaments

Elf Extravaganza

Elf Mice are some one of the most elusive festive breeds! Working as a team, hunt down these hard to find rodents to score tournament points!

Mouse Points
Bear 1
Christmas Tree 1
Dwarf 1
Gladiator 1
Present 1
Toy 1
Candy Cane 2
Nutcracker 2
Stocking 2
Destructoy 10
Snowflake 10
Toy Tinkerer 10
Elf 100

Festive Dress-up

A few mice from across the Kingdom are dressed in custome this Great Winter Hunt. Can you spot which ones are playing dress up? Catch these festively dressed mice to score tournament points!

Mouse Points
Bear 1
Dwarf 1
White 1
Gargoyle 2
Gladiator 2
Hydra 2
Stealth 3
Steel 3
Treant 3
Lambent Crystal 4
Vinetail 4
Zombie 4
Centaur 5
Diamond 5
Gold 5
Harpy 6
Monster 6
Troll 6
Abominable Snow 8
Worker 8

Festive Fiasco

The Mad Elf Mouse has sent his force of Festive Mice across the entire Kingdom! Track down these festive rodents and prove to the entire Kingdom that your team is the best!

Mouse Points
Christmas Tree 1
Missile Toe 1
Ornament 1
Present 1
Toy 1
Wreath Thief 1
Candy Cane 2
Mouse of Winter Future 2
Mouse of Winter Past 2
Mouse of Winter Present 2
Nutcracker 2
Stocking 2
Slay Ride 3
Snow Fort 3
Squeaker Claws 3
Destructoy 5
Snow Scavenger 5
Toy Tinkerer 5
Elf 10
Scrooge 10
Snowflake 10

Festive Lich Look Out

The Grumpy Lich Mice in Balack's Cove are so used to a dark and wet atmosphere that they never hesitate to dampen the holiday spirits around them. Can your team capture the bah-humbug Liches and come out on the top of this tournament's scoreboard?

Mouse Points
Brimstone 1
Davy Jones 1
Twisted Fiend 1
Enslaved Spirit 5
Riptide 5
Tidal Fisher 5
Derr Lich 25
Elub Lich 25
Nerg Lich 25
Balack the Banished 100

Happy New Year Tournament

What better way to celebrate the new year than with a hunting competition! Gather your team and sound your Tourney Horn and party while you hunt down New Years Mice!

Mouse Points
Christmas Tree 1
Present 1
Toy 1
Bear 3
Dwarf 3
Gladiator 3
Candy Cane 5
Missile Toe 5
Nutcracker 5
Ornament 5
Stocking 5
Wreath Thief 5
Destructoy 25
Snowflake 25
Toy Tinkerer 25
New Years 100
Party Head 100

Snow Fortress Showdown

Only the bravest and most capable of Toy Makers dare to enter the Snow Fortress of the Mad Elf Mouse! Prove your team is the most courageous by hunting mice within the fortress to score tournament points!

Mouse Points
Dwarf 1
White 1
Hydra 2
Troll 2
Candy Cane 3
Christmas Tree 3
Present 3
Missile Toe 5
Ornament 5
Slay Ride 5
Snow Fort 5
Toy 5
Wreath Thief 5
Nutcracker 6
Stocking 6
Mouse of Winter Future 8
Mouse of Winter Past 8
Mouse of Winter Present 8
Destructoy 10
Elf 10
Scrooge 10
Snow Scavenger 10
Snowflake 10
Toy Tinkerer 10
Mad Elf 12


By competing in tournaments, hunters can earn collectible trophies and badges, as well as tournament tokens that can be spent at the Tournament Hall. All hunters participating in a tournament upon it completing should receive a notification informing them of their team position as well as rewards. Alternatively, hunters can also claim the prize by clicking on the Team History tab on the team profile page and select the tournament which they have yet to claim the prize. All reward items are only given to hunters who took part in the tournament and stayed until it ends. If a player leaves before the tournament ends no reward will be earned.

The number of teams that entered the tournament, the length of the tournament, and your team's rank upon the tournament's completion determine what reward you receive. All tournament ties are calculated at the end of the tournament.

Position Reward item Tournament Tokens
per hour, rounded up
1st Place Gold Tournament Trophy 1.5
2nd Place Silver Tournament Trophy 1
3rd Place Bronze Tournament Trophy 0.5
Competitor (Top 25%) Tournament Competitor Badge 0.375
Participant (Top 50%) Tournament Participant Badge 0.25
Bottom 50% None 0

History and Trivia

  • Tournaments were initially released on 13 May 2009, but were discontinued on 8 June 2010. After more than a year, it was finally re-released on 28 December 2011.


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