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  • This article is under major revision with the update from MH 2.0 to MH 3.0. As per Developer News Post, "Tournaments and tournament teams have been shutdown. We're still working on when, if, and how they will make a return."

MouseHunt Tournaments are mice-catching competitions. They are unlocked when the hunter advances to the Apprentice-Title and in order to join a tournament one has to join or create a Hunting Party. When in an active tournament, sounding the Party Horn will send you on party hunts. This means that only people in your Hunting Party will be brought along with you if they are ready to hunt, and vice versa, only those in your Hunting Party will bring you along for a hunt. An advantage to party hunts is that they happen independent of location. Each party member could be in a different environment and, as long as they are ready to hunt, they will be brought along on a hunt when the Party Horn is sounded. Trap check still occur when you are in an active tournament, but those catches will not affect your Party Points and multiplier level. As soon as the tournament is over, normal horn hunts resume as usual.

Hunters can win Veteran Tournament Token(s) if their team finishes within the Top 100 in a Tournament. The Top 3 Parties get a Champion's Chest as a prize. As of now the Chest and Tokens cannot be opened or used. The Developers have hinted that Veteran Tournament Tokens will be used to craft new bases and a special kind of cheese. Tournament Chests might contain an "Uber Token".

In addition, tournaments are occasionally sponsored by independent groups of players. These groups often supplement the awards normally received with additional items or gold.

Party Points

Party Points are the points that are given to the Hunting Party for catching the right mice in a Tournament. The actual number of points depends on the mouse that is caught, the settings of the tournament and whether or not the multiplier is activated. The party points accumulated in a tournament determine the scoreboard rankings and as such the winners.


The Multiplier increases the received amount of Party Points for each caught mouse by multiplying it from x1 up to x10. The Multiplier raises as the party catches more mice and decreases when the party fails to catch or attract mice. The multiplier resets to x1 if the party has been inactive for an hour, but will not reset for 3 hours from the start of scheduled maintenance.


To view available tournaments, click on Organize Party under the Friends button. There you need to click on the Tournaments tab to view upcoming tournaments.

Tournament Types

There are many types of tournaments running each day, and more are continually added so the listing below is unlikely to be comprehensive. The details of a particular tournament are often available for viewing within the game by choosing a tournament from the drop down list, and noting the text that appears.

A Rare Mountain Journey

Hunt for some of the most rare mice in the Mountains and score big!

Mouse Points
Abominable Snow 300
Frosty Snow 100
Frozen 100
Ninja 25
All Other Mice 1

Alphabet Madness

Each mouse is worth the number of points that corresponds to the letter of the alphabet that begins the mouse's name. (example: Acolyte = 1 point, Zombie = 26 points).

Mouse Points
Name starts with "A" 1
Name starts with "B" 2
Name starts with "C" 3
Name starts with "D" 4
Name starts with "E" 5
Name starts with "F" 6
Name starts with "G" 7
Name starts with "H" 8
Name starts with "J" 10
Name starts with "K" 11
Name starts with "L" 12
Name starts with "M" 13
Name starts with "N" 14
Name starts with "O" 15
Name starts with "P" 16
Name starts with "R" 18
Name starts with "S" 19
Name starts with "T" 20
Name starts with "V" 22
Name starts with "W" 23
Name starts with "Z" 26


All mice are worth as many points as there are letters in their name, excluding "Mouse". (example: "White" = 5 points, "Wicked Witch of Whisker Woods" = 25 points), with the exception of Students and Masters, which are worth 4 to 5 points.

Mouse Points
All mice are worth as many points as there are letters in their name, excluding "Mouse" 3 to 25
Master of the Dojo 4
Master of the Cheese Belt 5
Master of the Cheese Claw 5
Master of the Cheese Fang 5
Student of the Cheese Belt 5
Student of the Cheese Claw 5
Student of the Cheese Fang 5


Mouse Points
Bristle Woods Mice 3 to 8
All Other Mice 1

Possible erratum: contrary to the description, at least the Spectre, Giant Snail, Sorcerer and Terror Knight mice appear to earn 1 point in Bristle Woods.

Destination: Acolyte Realm!

Mouse Points
Wight 50
Lich 100
Acolyte 250
All Other Mice 1

Dragon v Acolyte

Mouse Points
Acolyte 200
Dragon 200
All Other Mice 1

Dragons Den

Mouse Points
Whelpling 50
Draconic Warden 100
Dragon 250
All Other Mice 1

The Forgotten Ones

Mouse Points
Forgotten Mice 20
All Other Mice 1

Free For All

Mouse Points
All Mice 1

Ghost Busters

Mouse Points
Mummy 5
Mutated Grey 5
Mutated White 5
Skeleton 5
Ravenous Zombie 6
Spectre 6
Ghost 10
All Other Mice 1


Mouse Points
Brown 3
Grey 3
White 3
Dwarf 4
Granite 4
Steel 4
Bionic 5
Diamond 5
Gold 5
Ninja 5
Pirate 5
Burglar 6 ?
Mole 6
Zombie 6
Nibbler 7
Abominable Snow 7
All Other Mice 1

Gold Rush

Mouse Points
Diamond 5
Gold 5
All Other Mice 1

Grey Day

Mouse Points
Grey 25
Mutated Grey 25
All Other Mice 1

Island Adventures

Mouse Points Location
Alchemist 1 Elub Shore
Caretaker 1 Nerg Plains
Healer 1 Derr Dunes
Narrator 1 Nerg Plains
Pathfinder 1 Nerg Plains
Scout 1 Elub Shore
Taleweaver 1 Elub Shore
Trailblazer 1 Derr Dunes
Whelpling 1 Dracano
Wordsmith 1 Derr Dunes
Beast Tamer 2 Nerg Plains
Finder 2 Nerg Plains
Grunt 2 Derr Dunes
Mystic 2 Elub Shore
Pack 2 Elub Shore
Spellbinder 2 Derr Dunes
Alnilam 3 Nerg Plains
Alnitak 3 Elub Shore
Conjurer 3 Nerg Plains
Conqueror 3 Nerg Plains
Mintaka 3 Derr Dunes
Seer 3 Derr Dunes
Soothsayer 3 Elub Shore
Vanquisher 3 Elub Shore
Renegade 5 Derr Dunes
Champion 8 Elub Shore
Defender 8 Nerg Plains
Protector 8 Elub Shore
Slayer 8 Nerg Plains
Gladiator 10 Derr Dunes
Guardian 10 Derr Dunes
Derr Chieftain 12 Derr Dunes
Elub Chieftain 12 Elub Shore
Nerg Chieftain 12 Nerg Plains
Fetid Swamp 16 Jungle of Dread
Primal 16 Jungle of Dread
Aged 18 Cape Clawed
Elder 18 Cape Clawed
Grandfather 18 Cape Clawed
Jurassic 18 Jungle of Dread
Stonework Warrior 18 Jungle of Dread
Chitinous 20 Jungle of Dread
Magma Carrier 20 Jungle of Dread
Draconic Warden 25 Dracano
Dragon 40 Dracano
All Other Mice 1 All

Keep On Rockin

This tournament was available during Ronza's visit in October 2009.

Mouse Points
Rockstar 200
All Other Mice 1

The Lycan Hunt

Mouse Points
Lycan 500
All Other Mice 1

Make a Splash

Mouse Points
Harpy 300
Hydra 300
All Other Mice 1

Map Dropper

Mouse Points
Dwarf 3
Granite 3
Archer 4
Zombie 4
Assassin 5
Bottled 5
Captain 5
Cyclops 5
Kung Fu 5
Mole 5
Ninja 5
Shipwrecked 5
Fairy 6
Keeper 6
Hydra 7
Lycan 7
All Other Mice 1

Mmmm Mice

Mouse Points
All mice starting with the letter M (except Mobsters and Magma Carriers) 5
All Other Mice (including Mobsters and Magma Carriers) 1

Monster Mash

Mouse Points
Mutated Grey 4
Mutated White 4
Bionic 5
Dwarf 5
Steel 6
Zombie 7
Monster 25
All Other Mice 1

The Nibbler

Mouse Points
Nibbler 200
All Other Mice 1

Power Struggle

Mouse Points
Physical Mice 10
Tactical Mice 10
Hydro Mice 15
Forgotten Mice 20
Shadow Mice 20
Arcane Mice 35

Pumpkin Smash!

This tournament was available around October 2009, during Halloween.

Mouse Points
Hollowhead 200
All Other Mice 1

Rock Around the Clock!

This tournament was available during Ronza's visit in October 2009.

Mouse Points
Diamond 25
Gold 25
Nibbler 50
Rockstar 200
All Other Mice 1

Shelder Search

Mouse Points
Shelder 200
All Other Mice 1


Mouse Points
S.S. Huntington Mice 5 to 10
All Other Mice 0


Mouse Points
Spider 100
All Other Mice 1

Students & Masters

Mouse Points
Student of the Cheese Belt 20
Student of the Cheese Claw 20
Student of the Cheese Fang 20
Master of the Cheese Belt 30
Master of the Cheese Claw 30
Master of the Cheese Fang 30
Master of the Dojo 50
All Other Mice 1

Surprise Surprise

Point value of mice varies with each tournament.

Mouse Points
All mice are worth something Varies

Tribal Torture

Conceived and sponsored by the MouseHunt DeathBot Support Group (MDS). MDS awards the winners with additional prizes.

Mouse Points
Guardian 10
Protector 10
Defender 10
Draconic Warden 12
Gladiator 12
Champion 12
Slayer 12
Derr Chieftain 50
Elub Chieftain 50
Nerg Chieftain 50
Dragon 100
All Other Mice 0

Whisk Up The Woods

Mouse Points
Whisker Woods Mice 3 to 6
All Other Mice 1

Widow Maker

Mouse Points
Black Widow 200
All Other Mice 1

Zero Gravity

Mouse Points
Bat 5
Briegull 5
Burglar 5
Eagle Owl 5
Fairy 7
Gargoyle 7
Ghost 7
Harpy 7
Whelpling 7
Mystic 8
Spectre 8
Sorcerer 10
Dragon 20
All Other Mice 1


Mouse Points
Vampire 4
Skeleton 5
Monster 6
Zombie 8
Ravenous Zombie 10
All Other Mice 1

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