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''These tokens are awarded to champions of the King's MouseHunt tournaments.''
#REDIRECT [[Veteran Tournament Token]]
A Tournament Token is a [[Crafting_Items#Tournament_Token|Crafting item]] that can be won at the end of a [[Tournament]]. There is currently no known use for Tournament Tokens. However, the Developers have hinted that they will be used in the [[crafting]] of new bases and cheese.
The amount of tokens received depends on the ranking of the party on the tournament scoreboard, and is awarded to each party member regardless of party size. Thus even if a party with 2 members is ranked 40th place, they will receive 2 tokens each and not 4. The tokens awarded for a placing in a Tournament is as follows:
* 1st place receives 5 tokens
* 2nd and 3rd place receives 4 tokens
* 4th to 49th place receives 2 tokens
* 50th to 100th places receives 1 tokens
When parties are tied for points, they will share the same ranking and thus same reward. There is no skipping of ranking due to ties, therefore the party with the next highest party points will be ranked directly below.
* Note that only the 100 teams that appear on the Tournament Scoreboard are awarded prizes. For example, if 10 parties are tied for 96th place in a Tournament, only the 5 parties that appear on the Tournament Scoreboard will receive the prize.
== See also ==
* [[Champion's Chest]] – Prizes for Tournaments
* [http://s514.photobucket.com/albums/t350/techdawg668/tournament_token.gif Tournament Token Image]

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