Town of Gnawnia

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Town of Gnawnia
Region: Gnawnia
Minimum Rank: Recruit
Travel Requirement: None
Number of Mice: 19
Shops: Cheese Shoppe
Lose Gold: No
Lose Points: No
Lose Cheese: No
Release Date: 7 March 2008
With a dense population and a variety of environments, a hunter will be sure to find almost all varieties of mice when in town.


The Town of Gnawnia is a location in the Gnawnia region requiring a minimum rank of Recruit to enter.
Mice in the Town of Gnawnia cannot steal gold, points, or extra cheese.
Hunters accessing the Town of Gnawnia for the first time will only have access to Physical weapons, but the mice here have a weakness to all Power Types.


The Heads-Up Display in the Town of Gnawnia tracks the bounties available to Hunters. Hunters can collect bounties on six mice.

Collecting bounties is completely optional, but doing so allows Hunters to also complete the Secure the Town of Gnawnia adventure in the Adventure Book.

When first entering the Town of Gnawnia, the HUD will show a mouse silhouette and Bounties Available!. It also shows Likes: and Loves: for the cheese preference, but without any cheese specified.

To the right on the HUD it reads:

Town of Gnawnia Most Wanted
Reveal Mouse
Catch Wanted Mice for the Bounty Reward!

Collecting Bounties

Selecting Reveal Mouse through the HUD will change the mouse silhouette to an image of the wanted mouse, Bounties Available! will be replaced with the mouse name and the Likes: and Loves: sections will contain the mouse's preferred cheeses.

To the right on the HUD it reads:

Town of Gnawnia Most Wanted
[Reward Amount] and Claim Reward
The Claim Reward button will be highlighted once the mouse has been captured.
Capture this mouse to earn a Bounty Reward!
Claim your Bounty Reward!

CAUGHT! will be displayed over the mouse image and the mouse name will be struck through once the target mouse has been captured.

Claiming the reward resets the HUD to the state seen when first entering the Town of Gnawnia, unless all bounties have been claimed.

A pop-up also appears when claiming a bounty.

You've earned a Bounty Reward!
[Reward Amount]
Great job catching the rascal!
Keep on hunting like that, and you'll have this town cleaned up in no time!

Bounties are offered in a specific order and once claimed they cannot be repeated.
1. Cowardly Mouse

Reward: 250 gold
Likes: Cheddar Cheese
Loves: Marble Cheese

2. Dwarf Mouse

Reward: 500 gold
Likes: Marble Cheese
Loves: Swiss Cheese

3. Longtail Mouse

Reward: 800 gold
Likes: Marble Cheese
Loves: Swiss Cheese

4. Pugilist Mouse

Reward: 1,000 gold
Likes: Marble Cheese
Loves: Brie Cheese

5. Flying Mouse

Reward: 1,500 gold
Likes: Brie Cheese
Loves: SUPER|brie+

6. Speedy Mouse

Reward: 1,500 gold
Likes: Brie Cheese
Loves: SUPER|brie+

Once all bounties have been claimed, the HUD displays the following messages:

The town is safe again!
Keep upgrading your trap, and when you're ready, travel to the Windmill!
Town of Gnawnia Most Wanted
You've cleaned up this town!


All mice in this area are from the Indigenous Mice group and are weak to all Power Types.

Cheese Preference and Loot

White Cheddar Cheese will reduce the mouse population by repelling the majority of the mice.
SUPER|brie+ is required for attracting the Magic, Nibbler and Silvertail mice.
The Brie column includes Brie Cheese and Empowered Brie Cheese.
The SUPER|brie+ column includes SUPER|brie+ and Empowered SUPER|brie+.

Mouse Points Gold Cheddar Marble Swiss Brie SUPER|brie+ White Cheddar Gilded All Other Standard Bait Loot
Bionic 300 550 X X X X
Brown 115 150 X X X X X Marble Cheese
Cowardly 190 300 X X X X Marble Cheese
Diamond 1,200 800 X X X X X X
Dwarf 225 450 X X X X X X Plankrun's Gnawnia Notes
Flying 450 750 X X Brie Cheese
Gold 600 1,500 X X X X X X
Granite 285 525 X X X X
Grey 90 125 X X X X X Marble Cheese
Longtail X X X X X Ancient Relic
Swiss Cheese
Magic 2,000 2,250 X
Master Burglar 4,260 2,500 X X Brie Cheese
Satchel of Gold (1,000 gold)
Nibbler 1,100 1,400 X Ancient Relic
Pugilist 700 600 X X X X
Silvertail 1,200 1,800 X Simple Orb
Speedy 950 1,200 X X
Steel 270 500 X X X X Scrap Metal (Note
White 70 100 X X X X X Marble Cheese
Zombie 2,000 1,900 X X X
Note: Scrap Metal can only be occasionally looted from the Digby DrillBot and the Limited Edition Chrome DrillBot weapons only.

Mice with Special Requirements

Hunting Strategy

Mice in the Town of Gnawnia are attracted to Standard Cheeses and are weak to all Power Types.

Hunters who reach the Rank of Apprentice will be able to travel to the Tournament Hall and the Windmill.

Adventure Book

Hunters can Secure the Town of Gnawnia by catching all the mice that have bounties on them.

Library Assignments


Town of Gnawnia mice are worth points during some Tournaments.

Treasure Maps

Many mice in the Town of Gnawnia are often found on Gnawnia Treasure Maps and Relic Hunter Treasure Maps.

Hunting tips by Larry

Welcome to the Town of Gnawnia, home of His Majesty, the King!

Gnawnia has two shops. The first is the Cheese Shoppe where you can buy bait for your trap, and the second is the Trapsmith, where you can buy new trap parts.

When you reach the title of Apprentice, you may want to try hunting at the Windmill. Visit the Travel page to access your map and travel to other hunting grounds.


These are the shops that can be found in the Town of Gnawnia:

Cheese Shoppe

Per Piece
Per Piece
Cheddar 10 10
Marble 50 50
Swiss 100 100
Brie 200 200


Wooden Base 300 60 Novice
title to equip
Wooden Base with Target 1,225 225 Novice
title to equip
Stone Base 6,175 1,115 Recruit
title to equip
Explosive Base 29,775 5,360 Initiate
title to equip
Power Type
Tacky Glue Trap Physical 550 100 Novice
title to equip
Mouse Hot Tub Physical 600 110 Novice
title to equip
High Tension Spring Physical 600 110 Novice
title to equip
500 Pound Spiked Crusher Physical 3,000 540 Novice
title to equip
Mouse Mary O'Nette Physical 6,250 1,125 Recruit
title to equip
Mouse Trebuchet Physical 15,850 2,855 Apprentice
title to equip
Mouse Rocketine Physical 18,700 3,375 Apprentice
title to equip
Swiss Army Mouse Trap Physical 70,300 12,655 Initiate
title to equip
NVMRC Forcefield Trap Physical 256,000 46,155 Journeyman
title to equip
Mouse DeathBot Physical 256,400 46,155 Journeyman
title to equip

History and Trivia


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