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  | 1,200
  | 1,200
  | Indigenous Mice
  | Indigenous Mice
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| 1,000
| 1,000
| Event Mice
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A place of study, the students that train along the northern shore of the Burroughs River are indeed a worthy foe. Hunters who prove themselves as formidable opponents may earn the right to challenge the students' teachers.

Description and Requirements

The Training Grounds is a location in the Furoma region requiring a minimum rank of Grandmaster and the Shredded Furoma Map Piece to enter. Mice in this location may steal points, gold, or multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.


These are the shops that can be found in the Training Grounds:

Training Grounds Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Archer 4,500 750 Followers of Furoma Satchel of Gold worth 250 gold
Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar
Assassin 5,000 3,400 Followers of Furoma Ambush Trap Blueprints
Satchel of Gold worth 1,000 gold
Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar
Black Widow 480 10 Indigenous Mice SUPER|brie+ cheese
Diamond 1,200 600 Indigenous Mice
Dumpling Chef 2,886 3,000 Followers of Furoma
Dwarf 225 450 Indigenous Mice
Gold 600 1,200 Indigenous Mice
Hope 1,000 1,000 Event Mice
Kung Fu 4,750 800 Followers of Furoma Combat Research worth 750 points
Satchel of Gold worth 500 gold
Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar
Monk 5,250 950 Followers of Furoma Plankrun's Journal Entries on the Dojo
Satchel of Gold worth 750 gold
Nibbler 1,100 900 Indigenous Mice
Ninja 2,750 350 Followers of Furoma
Pirate 350 2,750 Aquatic Order Satchel of Gold worth 250 gold
Samurai 5,000 850 Followers of Furoma Satchel of Gold worth 500 gold
White 70 100 Indigenous Mice Swiss cheese
Brie cheese
Worker 300 2,200 Followers of Furoma Splintered Wood
  • Highlighted mice are less than 1% of the population and are infrequently encountered in this location.

Hunting Strategy

Hunters have several Trap Setup Options for the Training Grounds. The Zugzwang's Last Move used to be the trap of choice, but with the introduction of the new content, hunters are now advised to get a Venus Mouse Trap and convert it into a Mutated Venus Mouse Trap to save gold, as well as for better catch rates with the Tactical mice, until they can progress to a better trap. Nibbler mice have a preference for SUPER|brie+ and are only rarely encountered with other cheeses at the Training Grounds.

Hunting tips by Larry

I see you've found your way to the Furoma Region!

The mice of Furoma are highly skilled in combat and very capable warriors. To be successful in hunting them, you're going to need a Tactical trap. Luckily, the Trapsmith here carries a Tactical trap.

It seems some merchants from far-off lands are setting up shop just south, in the Burroughs region. To gain access to their market, you'll need to find a ticket. One of the mice here is sure to be carrying one...


Trap Setup Options for the Training Grounds

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