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Traps consist of one weapon plus one base.

Along with cheese, traps are absolutely essential for catching mice. (In fact, unlike cheese that can run out, it is impossible to not have a trap.) The term trap is sometimes used interchangeably with weapon, although in the strictest sense that is not correct.

The weapon is the part of the trap that does the actual catching of the mice and is arguably the much more important part of the trap as it contributes the majority of the power to the setup. The base is the part upon which the trap rests and which holds the cheese. Each part of the trap, weapon and base, has its own characteristics (described below) that will affect a hunter's success when used in certain areas, against certain mice, and so on, and it is not always the most powerful combination that is most appropriate in every situation. All factors must be taken into consideration to design a trap that meets the individual hunter's goals.

Traps are available at all Trapsmiths and occasionally at Ronza's Traveling Shoppe. Every beginning hunter is given a choice between one of two weapons (Tacky Glue Trap or High Tension Spring) plus a Wooden Base. As hunters capture more mice and get more gold and experience, they can (and should) upgrade their traps with better components to increase their success in catching more powerful mice.

Trap Attributes

A list of the various attributes that a trap has.

Component stats

The overall strength of the component. Traps with higher power are more likely to catch mice.
Mice have specific weaknesses to certain Power Types. Using the appropriate weapon in the appropriate area is a critical part of any hunter’s strategy.
The power bonus of both weapon and base are added together and then applied to the total power of the trap, increasing its power.
The attraction bonus boosts the attraction power of the bait being used increasing the odds of a mouse approaching a hunter’s trap.
Some components are designed to offer small chances of catching a mouse regardless of the mouse’s strength. It is not uncommon for lucky traps to grant hunters the ability to catch mice that seem far too powerful for their trap.
Any time a mouse is not attracted to a trap during a hunt there is a chance for the cheese to turn stale. Some components are built using harmful chemicals that increase the odds of spoiling bait. Traps with a fresh cheese effect help reduce the likelihood of cheese turning stale.

Power Types

Traps with different power types vary in effectiveness against different power types of mice.

Traps utilizing arcane damage come from sources shrouded in mystery. The strength of arcane damage increases proportionally against forgotten mice, making the traps especially effective in the Catacombs.
The most straightforward type of damage a trap weapon can inflict. It is effective against a variety of mice.
Shadow is a magical type of damage that is very effective against ghostly breeds of mice.
Built upon research of battle strategy, these traps are especially strong against mice trained in the art of war.


Shown below is a table with the statistics of all bases currently in-game. Click on the sorting box below a particular attribute to do a quick comparison.

Base Power
Cheese Effect
Birthday Cake Base 3 175 11% 5% 0 4No Effect 0 12,350
Dehydration Base 1 225 0% 5% 4 4Insanely Fresh 50000Journeyman+ 22,756–
Explosive Base 300 5% 5% 0 -9Stale 22,500 29,775
Polar Base 2 200 10% 0% 4 4Insanely Fresh 90,000 59,550
Stone Base 150 10% 0% 0 1Fresh 5,000 6,175–
Wooden Base 35 0% 0% 0 2Very Fresh 0 300
Wooden Base with Target 75 0% 20% 0 0No Effect 650 1,225
1 The listed cost of the Dehydration Base is based on the minimum prices of the necessary crafting ingredients; it may cost more depending on where the ingredients are purchased.
2 The Polar Base has twice been available for sale at Ronza's Traveling Shoppe. It was also available as a Gift during the Christmas (late December 2008) giveaway and as a Fancy Birthday Gift during the Birthday (7 March 2009) giveaway.
3 The Birthday Cake Base was available as a Fancy Birthday Gift on 7 March 2009 and from Ronza's Traveling Shoppe starting on 9 March 2009.


Please refer to the individual trap pages for additional purchasing information, including trapsmith locations and refund amounts. Click on the sorting box below a particular attribute to do a quick comparison.

Weapon Power
500 Pound Spiked Crusher 250 Physical 10% 0% 1 0No Effect 2,100 3,450
Ambrosial Portal 1,025 Shadow 0% 5% 0 1Fresh 182,000 140,600
Ambush 1 3,000 Tactical 5% 0% 12 1Fresh 950,000 62,660+
Arcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery 1 3,800 Arcane 12% 0% 18 -6Insanely Stale 3,393,600 949,050+
Bottomless Grave 1,500 Shadow 0% 0% 5 0No Effect 728,000 673,630
DeathBot (Chrome Edition) 2 2,800 Physical 20% 15% 30 -8Very Stale 136,500 512,800
Digby DrillBot 3,200 Physical 18% 0% 5 0No Effect 409,500 404,340
High Tension Spring 75 Physical 5% 20% 2 0No Effect 0 600
HitGrab Horsey 4 550 Physical 2% 0% 20 2Very Fresh 0 15,850
Mouse DeathBot 3 2,400 Physical 15% 10% 2 -9Stale 91,000 243,580–
Mouse Mary O'Nette 250 Physical 0% 6% 5 1Fresh 2,100 6,250
Mouse Rocketine 650 Physical 6% 0% 0 -8Very Stale 11,000 18,700
Mouse Trebuchet 600 Physical 2% 4% 1 2Very Fresh 11,000 15,850
NVMRC Forcefield Trap 3 2,350 Physical 12% 10% 12 0No Effect 91,000 243,580–
Obelisk of Incineration 1 2,150 Arcane 10% 0% 1 -6Insanely Stale 1,696,240 361,429+
Obelisk of Slumber 2,100 Arcane 0% 10% 0 3Extremely Fresh 1,696,240 316,350
PartyBot 5 2,850 Physical 15% 15% 25 -9Stale 91,000 243,580–
Sinister Portal 1,025 Shadow 5% 0% 0 -9Stale 182,000 140,600
Snow Barrage 2 1,450 Tactical 20% 20% 28 2Very Fresh 68,000 140,600
Swiss Army Mouse Trap 1,200 Physical 2% 2% 10 0No Effect 45,500 68,895–
Tacky Glue Trap 70 Physical 0% 40% 2 -9Stale 0 550
Venus Mouse Trap 1,900 Tactical 0% 5% 5 3Extremely Fresh 490,500 299,650
Zugzwang's Last Move 2,200 Tactical 15% 0% 7 1Fresh 705,000 415,000
1 The listed costs of these crafted weapons are based on the minimum prices of the necessary crafting ingredients; they may cost more depending on where the ingredients are purchased and how much the hunter spends on cheese to catch the mice that drop some of the items.
2 These weapons were available for sale at Ronza's Traveling Shoppe for a limited time only and are not currently available for purchase.
3 The prices of these weapons differ between the Gnawnia and Burroughs trapsmiths; they cost 5% less at the latter.
4 This weapon was available as loot from a Fancy Birthday Gift given on 7 March 2009 and from Ronza's Traveling Shoppe starting on 9 March 2009.
5 The PartyBot is only available through crafting using a Party Hat which was available as loot from a Birthday Gift given on 7 March 2009 and from Ronza's Traveling Shoppe starting on 9 March 2009. The cost listed is dependent on where the Mouse DeathBot needed to craft the weapon was purchased.


All weapons and bases that were bought from a Trapsmith can be refunded for 18% of the vendor price. A hunter can refund a trap component only if the Trapsmith also sells it at the moment you are at the location. Therefore, crafted traps can never be refunded.

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