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The mice that live in this garden use the environment to their advantage, fashioning crude armour and weapons from plantlife in order to protect and hoard all the Garden Essences they can find.

Description and Requirements

The Twisted Garden is the alternate version of the Living Garden, accessible only by catching a Carmine the Apothecary in the said location. It requires a minimum rank of Baron/Baroness to enter. Upon catching a Carmine the Apothecary, a hunter is transported to the Twisted Garden and the following message is displayed:

On catching Carmine the Apothecary, a light flashes and a spell she had prepared in advance erupts! Nightmarish tendrils of dark smoke burst from the ground around me, and before I knew it the world had changed before my very eyes into a wild and twisted version of itself.
I can feel this world itself attempting to reject me and send me back, but I must stay as long as I am able to find out what Carmine is doing in this hidden, dark place.

If any cheese other than Duskshade Camembert and Lunaria Camembert is used, the hunter will be transported back to the Living Garden, and the following message will be displayed:
Almost as if an illusion suddenly shattered, the world around me snaps back to normal. Using X Cheese has brought me back to the normal world.
Although it is possible to catch a mouse from the Living Garden with regular cheese on the hunt that returns to normal reality, any Sponge charm will be consumed without collecting a Dewdrop from that mouse. Likewise, if an M400 Hunting Research Assignment locates the M400 in the Living Garden, a hunter can encounter it in the Twisted Garden, but will be dropped to normal reality for hunting with the wrong cheese.


These are the shops that can be found in the Twisted Garden:

Twisted Garden Mice

The Hunter may capture Carmine the Apothecary at any time to gain access to the Twisted Garden.

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Barkshell 16,525 950 Living Garden Mice Aleth Essence
Graveblossom Petal
Red Dewdrop
Yellow Dewdrop
Camofusion 19,500 2,850 Living Garden Mice Ber Essence
Graveblossom Petal
Red Dewdrop
Yellow Dewdrop
Dehydrated 2,000 2,000 Living Garden Mice Cynd Essence
Dol Essence
Graveblossom Petal
Fungal Spore 15,250 2,650 Living Garden Mice Ber Essence
Graveblossom Petal
Red Dewdrop
Yellow Dewdrop
Shattered Carmine 225,000 19,500 Living Garden Mice Ancient Relic
Living Garden Theme Scrap 1
Shattered Chest
Thorn 12,500 1,850 Living Garden Mice Aleth Essence
Graveblossom Petal
Red Dewdrop
Yellow Dewdrop
Twisted Carmine 85,250 6,525 Living Garden Mice Living Chest
Red Dewdrop
Yellow Dewdrop
Twisted Hotcakes 15,400 3,250 Living Garden Mice Cynd Essence
Dol Essence
Graveblossom Petal
Red Dewdrop
Yellow Dewdrop
Twisted Lilly 9,500 1,650 Living Garden Mice Ber Essence
Graveblossom Petal
Red Dewdrop
Yellow Dewdrop

Hunting Strategy

Red and Yellow Dewdrop Minigame

The mechanism of this minigame is similar to that of the Dewdrop Minigame in the Living Garden. A hunter needs to collect Red and Yellow Dewdrops using Red and Yellow Sponge Charms. Red Dewdrops give a 5% power bonus upon pouring and Yellow Dewdrops give a 5 luck bonus when poured. As with the Living Garden Dewdrop Minigame, the first 10 of either dewdrops increase the number of hunts by 1 each, the next 9 by 2 each, and the 20th by 7, allowing for a total of 35 hunts during which it is possible to attract the Dehydrated Mouse.

Upon filling the red gauge (10 Red Dewdrops), the following message is displayed in the Hunter's Journal:

I've filled up on Red Dewdrops. Time to switch to Yellow Sponge Charms or pour them out and start attracting Dehydrated Mice!

Upon filling the yellow gauge (10 Yellow Dewdrops), the following message is displayed in the journal:

I've filled up on Yellow Dewdrops. Time to switch to Red Sponge Charms or pour them out and start attracting Dehydrated Mice!

Upon 'Pouring' with both gauges filled, the following message is displayed:

I combined Red and Yellow Dewdrops, creating an orange mixture that grants me extra power and luck! Spreading it out on the ground will start attracting some very thirsty mice for the next X hunts!
I should unequip my Sponge Charms and save them for later.

After the hunts expire, the following message is displayed:

With the ground now dry, the Dehydrated mice have retreated.

A hunter can attract the Shattered Carmine mouse by using the Shattering Charm during poured hunts.

Adventure Book

Hunters can Defeat Twisted Carmine by hunting with Lunaria Camembert in Twisted Garden to catch Twisted Carmine.

Hunting tips by Larry

Good gracious! All the tiny, adorable, armour-laden mice from the Living Garden have become fused, twisted versions of themselves! I... I don't even know what to say!

I suppose I'll say this, hunter: Be careful! While it looks like they have more Garden Essence than ever before, they're definitely more powerful as well!

It looks like the mice here still hoard moisture just as jealously as before, but the water drops are curiously coloured! Buy Red and Yellow Sponge charms to procure Red and Yellow Dewdrops, then splash them on the ground to attract mice with even more Garden Essences. But pay attention to the drops you collect. The red ones seem to increase your power, while the yellow ones increase your luck. Perhaps collecting both of them will accomplish both of these? Only one way to find out...

Make sure you use your Duskshade Camembert here, hunter. The mice don't seem to enjoy any other cheese. Although perhaps you'll discover yet another cheese later on to help you attract very, very powerful and special mice!

Location-Specific Effects



History and Trivia

  • The Twisted Garden opened on 14 November 2012, along with the Living Garden.
  • The Shattered Carmine mouse was added on 14 January 2013.


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