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==External Links==
==External Links==
*[{{MHdomain}}/forum/showthread.php?81050-Unstable-Gourd-Pokes Forum thread for Unstable Gourd Poke Results]
*[{{MHdomain}}/forum/showthread.php?81050-Unstable-Gourd-Pokes Forum thread for Unstable Gourd Poke Results]
*[http://horntracker.com/loot.php?loot_id=841 Horntracker statistics for Unstable Gourd Poke Results]
*[https://www.agiletravels.com/converter.php?item=971 MHCT statistics on Unstable Gourd Poke Results]

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This quivering gourd was the result of planting a specific Garden Essence in a Plant Pot and being slightly patient. When poked, it can reveal a wide variety of delicious loot!


Formula: Unstable Gourd
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Est Essence 1 Crafting / Loot
Plant Pot 1 900
Total 0 – 20,900


An Unstable Gourd can be used for the chance to obtain Camembert cheese without collecting Garden Petals and Herbs. It is also possible to receive other cheeses and Garden Essences. It is placed under the Special inventory tab. See also Unstable Crystal and Unstable Curd.

When "poked", an Unstable Gourd yields one of the following:

Cheese/Essence Quantity
Combat 7
Dewthief Camembert 6-10
Dol Essence 1-3
Duskshade Camembert 10-15
Epic Orb 1
Est Essence 1
Fel Essence 1
Glutter 7
Gouda 20
Graveblossom Camembert 6-10
Limelight 10
Lunaria Camembert 1
Moon 10
Onyx Gorgonzola 8-12
Rumble 5
Runic 5
Susheese 7
Zugzwang's Leftover Rock 1

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