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* trailblazer/pathfinder/scout
* trailblazer/pathfinder/scout

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The Tribal Isles are home to three tribes of mice. The mice within each tribe are of the same power type, wear color-coordinated clothes, prefer a particular cheese, and perform specific parallel tasks.

Tribe Elub Nerg Derr
Color Blue Green Red
Power Type Hydro Tactical Physical
Cheese Shell Gumbo Crunchy
Loot Seashell Savoury Vegetables Delicious Stone
Blue Pepper Seed Yellow Pepper Seed Red Pepper Seed
Mice Taleweaver Narrator Wordsmith
Scout Pathfinder Trailblazer
Alchemist Caretaker Healer
Pack Beast Tamer Grunt
Mystic Conjurer Spellbinder
Alnitak Alnilam Mintaka
Soothsayer Finder Seer
Vanquisher Conqueror Renegade
Elder Grandfather Aged
Protector Defender Guardian
Champion Slayer Gladiator
Elub Chieftain Nerg Chieftain Derr Chieftain


  • add links where necessary. Tribe
  • trailblazer/pathfinder/scout
  • wordsmith/narrator/taleweaver
  • healer/caretaker/alchemist
  • grunt/finder/pack
  • spellbinder/beast tamer/mystic
  • mintaka/alnilam/alnitak
  • seer/conjurer/soothsayer
  • renegade/conqueror/vanquisher


Mice that are female in appearance: Black Widow, Samurai, Assassin, Student of the Cheese Fang, Master of the Cheese Claw, Gorgon, Elven Princess, Foxy, Wicked Witch of Whisker Woods, Water Nymph, Buccaneer, Mermaid, Siren, Healer, Mintaka, Taleweaver, Soothsayer, Elder, Wordsmith.

Master mice: Master Burglar, Master of the Dojo, Master of the Cheese Belt, Master of the Cheese Claw, Master of the Cheese Fang.

Flying mice: Bat, Cupid, Eagle Owl, Fairy, Harpy, Briegull

MouseMouse DifficultyMouse RarityDrop RarityValue of other mice
in location
MoleEasySemi-rareExtremely RareLow