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The Tribal Isles are home to three tribes of mice. Each tribe has a color scheme - blue, green, and red; and parallel types of mice.

[Table here listing color scheme, location, and the mice of each tribe - to be added when I can find The Nibbler]


Mice that are female in appearance: Black Widow, Samurai, Assassin, Student of the Cheese Fang, Master of the Cheese Claw, Gorgon, Elven Princess, Foxy, Wicked Witch of Whisker Woods, Water Nymph, Buccaneer, Mermaid, Siren, Healer, Mintaka, Taleweaver, Soothsayer, Elder, Wordsmith.

Master mice: Master Burglar, Master of the Dojo, Master of the Cheese Belt, Master of the Cheese Claw, Master of the Cheese Fang.

Flying mice: Bat, Cupid, Eagle Owl, Fairy, Harpy, Briegull

MouseMouse DifficultyMouse RarityDrop RarityValue of other mice
in location
MoleEasySemi-rareExtremely RareLow