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Newbie Help


As a Novice, you start out in the Town of Gnawnia, and the only other location you can travel to is the Meadow.

The recommended cheese is cheddar with possibly marble at the later stage.

You can start out with either Tacky Glue Trap or High Tension Spring with a Wooden Base. You should upgrade the weapon to either 500 Pound Spiked Crusher or Mouse Mary O'Nette and the base when you have sufficient points and gold.

Town of Gnawnia has a greater variety of mice, but in the Meadow you may find a Mole Mouse which dwells only there and in Town of Digby, and a Dwarf Mouse carrying Torn Pages of Plankrun's Journal.


Once you are an Apprentice you can travel to the Harbour.

You will need to stock up on the cheese in the Town of Gnawnia, as there is no Cheese shop in the Harbour. The recommended cheese is marble and swiss.

The recommended minimum trap for the Harbour is Mouse Trebuchet or Mouse Rocketine.

In the Harbour you may want to purchase ingredients for Dehydration Base and other crafting from the General Store. It is worth noting that Curds and Whey (used in a variety of recipes) is cheaper in the Harbour General Store than in any other location except Catacombs. As an Apprentice, you can only craft White Cheddar cheese.


Once you are a Journeyman you can travel to the Mountain.

The recommended minimum trap for the Mountain is Swiss Army Mouse Trap.

In the Mountain, you will need to catch a Ninja Mouse carrying a Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece. You may also collect Splintered Wood for the Dehydration Base, which is dropped by Dwarf mice.

As a Journeyman you can attempt to craft the Dehydration Base, but you may lose all your ingredients if you are not successful.


Once you reach the rank of Master and provided you have the Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece, you can travel to the Laboratory.

The recommended minimum trap for the Laboratory is the Swiss Army Mouse Trap, although you may also consider purchasing NVMRC Forcefield Trap or Mouse Deathbot.

In the Laboratory, you will need to catch a Dwarf Mouse with a Key to the Town of Digby and a Zombie Mouse with a Tattered Mousoleum Map. You will also need to collect Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potions dropped by various mice, and prepare either Brie or SUPER|brie+ cheese to convert to Radioactive Blue cheese.

In the Town of Digby, you will need to purchase one of the shadow type traps.

Once you have the Tattered Mousoleum Map, Radioactive Blue cheese and a shadow type trap, you can travel to Mousoleum.

For the next location, you will need acquire Shredded Furoma Map Piece a from either a Lycan Mouse in the Mousoleum or a Mole Mouse in the Town of Digby.

You may also wish to hunt in the Town of Digby for Burglar or Mole mice who carry The Back cover of Plankrun's Journal.


As a Grandmaster, you can travel to the Training Grounds in the Furoma region.