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Rift Stalker Treasure Chests

Rift Stalker Treasure Chests are given to Hunters for completing a Rift Stalkers Treasure Maps.

Guaranteed Items

These items are found in each Rift Stalker Treasure Chest.
Rare treasure chests are awarded to Hunters who have used Rare Map Dust on a Rift Stalkers Treasure Map.

Gold Points Ancient
Gold Points Ancient
Rift Stalker
Treasure Chest
Rare Rift Stalker
Treasure Chest
75,000 50,000 15 150,000 100,000 30

Variable Items

Hunters will randomly receive four items from this list when opening a Rift Stalker Treasure Chest, or eight items when opening a Rare Rift Stalker Treasure Chest.
Items with a range of amounts listed can be received in any amount between the listed minimum and maximum. It is possible to receive the same item multiple times.

Ancient String Cheese Potion 15
Calcified Rift Mist 50
Enerchi Charm 5 - 20
Magical String Cheese 5
Master Fusion Cheese 10 - 20
Portal Scrambler 3
Quantum Quartz 15
Rift Antiskele Charm 30
Rift Extreme Luck Charm 20
Rift Super Luck Charm 25
Rift Ultimate Luck Charm 1 - 3
Rift Ultimate Lucky Power Charm 1 - 3
Rift Ultimate Power Charm 1 - 3
Rift Vacuum Charm 50
Runic String Cheese Potion 10