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I'm Roxanne

my mh profile

I'm cygnus#5084 on discord, that's the best place to find me.




Cygnus is a Location located within the Hollow Heights Region. Cygnus requires a minimum Rank of Archduke/Archduchess and the Dirigible and Flight License Map Piece to access.

The Dirigible and Flight License can be purchased at the Moussu Picchu Cartographer for
Formula: Skyfarer's Oculus
Recipe can be unlocked by:
Item Item
Cost (Each)
Item Source
Damaged Oculus 1 N/A
Crystal Crucible 3 N/A
Dragon Ember 6 N/A
Gold Leaf 9 26,000
(234,000 total)
Essence Prism 12 500
(6,000 total)
Shard of Glass 18 N/A
Total 240,000
Recipe costs represent Shoppe prices only. The cost of items obtained through other sources will affect the total cost of crafting.

Cygnus makes use of every Power Type in the game except for Rift and Parental. Mice here are able to pillage Standard Cheese, Points and Gold if one fails to capture them.

Hunters first collect Cloud Curd to purchase Cloud Cheesecake while at the Launch Pad. All 8 Power Types are effective here. Subsequently, Hunters fly towards specific Power Type Islands to hunt mice using their Sky Map. There are 2 versions of each Island, Low Altitude and High Altitude. Hunters must first clear a minimum of 4 Low Altitude Islands and defeat 4 different Wardens to unlock a single High Altitude Island. While hunting on the islands, mice will drop loot used to upgrade your Skyfarer's Oculus, customise your Dirigible and obtain new Traps.