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Vivid mouse hunter believing in "Gotta catch 'em all!"
The Hunter's Lair

Just another zombie, just with a the wiki editor status.

Research Bubbles - Edit if you have more information than me.
The Stealing Chart

Cheddar, Marble, Swiss, Brie, Gouda, Moon


Radioactive Blue, Gnarled, Wicked Gnarly, Gumbo, Shell, Crunchy, Havarti (All variants), Super|Brie+, Runic, Limelight, Vanilla Stilton, Vengeful Vanilla Stilton, Combat, Susheese, Glutter, Rumble, Onyx Gorgonzola, Gauntlet Cheeses (all tiers)

Missing Information

White Cheddar, Maki, Ancient, Gingerbread, Rockforth.

Mice by Cheese by Location chart.

Cheese Location Mice
Ancient Catacombs
Ancient Forbidden Grove All except
Ancient Acolyte Realm
Creamy Havarti Jungle of Dread
Crunchy Derr Dunes
Crunchy Havarti Jungle of Dread
Gnarled Great Gnarled Tree
Gnarled Lagoon
Gumbo Nerg Plains
Inferno Havarti Dracano
Limelight Town of Digby
Magical Havarti Jungle of Dread
Moon Mousoleum
Moon Catacombs
Pungent Havarti Jungle of Dread
Radioactive Blue Laboratory
Radioactive Blue Mousoleum
Radioactive Blue Catacombs
Radioactive Blue Forbidden Grove
Radioactive Blue Acolyte Realm
Runic Acolyte Realm
Shell Elub Shore
Spicy Havarti Jungle of Dread
Sweet Havarti Jungle of Dread
Vanilla Stilton Balack's Cove
Vengeful Vanilla Stilton Balack's Cove
Wicked Gnarly Lagoon