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! colspan="4" style="font-size:150%;" | {{PAGENAME}}
! colspan="4" style="font-size:150%;" | {{PAGENAME}}
! colspan="4" style="border-style: solid; border-width: 2px 2px 0 2px;"  bgcolor=lawngreen style="border-style: solid; border-width: 2px 2px 0 2px; font-size:140%;" | '''Power Type:''' {{{powertype|??}}}
! colspan="4" style="border-style: solid; border-width: 2px 2px 0 2px;"  bgcolor=lime style="border-style: solid; border-width: 2px 2px 0 2px; font-size:140%;" | '''Power Type:''' {{{powertype|??}}}
! colspan="2" width="400" style="border-style: solid; border-width: 2px 1px 2px 2px;" bgcolor=lightgreen | Weapon Statistics !! colspan="2" width="400" style="border-style: solid; border-width: 2px 2px 2px 1px;" bgcolor=lightgreen | Weapon Info
! colspan="2" width="400" style="border-style: solid; border-width: 2px 1px 2px 2px;" bgcolor=lightgreen | Weapon Statistics !! colspan="2" width="400" style="border-style: solid; border-width: 2px 2px 2px 1px;" bgcolor=lightgreen | Weapon Info

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About Me

My Hunter Profile



Power Type: ??
Weapon Statistics Weapon Info
Power: ?? Points Required: ??
Power Bonus: ??% Cost: ?? gold
Attraction Bonus: ??% Limited Edition: ??
Luck: ?? Crafted: ??
Cheese Effect: ?? Smashable: ??
Larry's Loot Lexicon: ?? Image: ??


Simple table template to maintain consistency between Traps pages. All fields are required.

{{ Weapon
| cost       = 
| titlereq  = 
| power      = 
| powertype  = 
| powerbonus = 
| attbonus   = 
| luck       = 
| chzeffect  = 
| LimEd =
| Craft =
| Smash =
| Skin  =
| mhinfo     =
| imglink    = 
| desc       = 


Use numbers only for Bonus fields; the % is added automatically by the template. If there is no stat for a given field, use 0 (zero) in its place.

For the mhinfo field, list only the portion of the Larry's Loot Lexicon link after the item_type= in the link. For example, 2010 Blastoff Trap would list mhinfo = 2010_blastoff_trap_weapon.

The description is to be copied from the official MouseHunt page.

Set Skin = Yes if there is at least one skin; this does not show up in the infobox, but does affect automatic categorization.

See more notes in the Manual of Style.

Cheese Sort (aprox)

Don't have time to look these up - needs confirmation

  • Uber Stale 27
  • Ultimate Stale 33
  • Insanely Stale 36
  • Extremely Stale 39
  • very Stale 42
  • Stale 45
  • No Effect 48
  • Fresh 51
  • Very Fresh 54
  • Extremely Fresh 57
  • Insanely Fresh 60
  • Ultimate Fresh 63
  • Uber Fresh 66

What I Am Up To

  • Thinking about base articles - need to establish standard so they can be made standard.
    • Should general description highlight if standard, event, or limited edition base?
    • Links
      • Should the references to Power Bonus and Attraction bonus be links - since they are already covered by the box on the right side and the rule of thumb is to just have links to the first reference.
      • Should there be a link back to bases - easy to navigate with category on bottom of page
    • Should reference similar bases - in the articles on LE bases - okay to reference standard bases
    • In the articles on standard bases - remove reference to LE bases
  • Just finished Trap Setup Options for all levels. No plans to do Ronza area as I don't think people really hunt there and just go there to buy limited edition stuff. Town of Digby needs updates for new mice.
  • Guidelines for Trap Setup options
    • Should be level appropriate - do not include traps or bases that are not available to the hunter
    • This means excluding limited edition bases like the polar base and weapons like the PartyBot.
    • The Trap Setups pages are not a value judgement on if setups are worth it. Few recommend buying the DDB or BG - even though they can work well at certain locations.
    • Rankings are determined by the MouseHunt Catch Rate Estimates based on minimum level to access the location, and an inactive gold shield.
    • Crafting Items
    • Crafting Prices

to the point that any other kind of cheese will simply not suffice.

Mouse Cheese
Acolyte Runic
Aged Crunchy
Champion Shell
Chitinous Mouse Pungent Havarti
Cook SB+
Defender Mouse Gumbo
Derr Chieftain Mouse Crunchy
Draconic Warden Mouse Inferno Havarti
Dragon Mouse Inferno Havarti
Elder Mouse Shell
Elub Chieftain Mouse Shell
Fetid Swamp Mouse Crunchy Havarti
Gate Guardian Ancient
Gladiator Mouse Crunchy
Goblin Mouse Gnarled
Grandfather Mouse Gumbo
Guardian Mouse Crunchy
Harpy Gnarled
Hydra Gnarled or SB+
Jurassic Mouse Creamy Havarti
Lich Runic
Magma Carrier Mouse Spicy Havarti
Master of the Cheese Belt Glutter
Master of the Cheese Claw Susheese
Master of the Cheese Fang Combat
Master of the Dojo Rumble
Monster Radioactive Blue
Mummy Mouse Ancient or Radioactive Blue
Nerg Chieftain Mouse Gumbo
Nibbler SB+
Primal Mouse Sweet Havarti
Protector Mouse Shell
Shelder Mouse Gouda, Brie, or SB+
Slayer Mouse Gumbo
Stonework Warrior Mouse Magical Havarti
Troll Mouse Gnarled?
Water Nymph Gnarled or SB+
Whelpling Mouse Inferno Havarti
Wight Runic
Worker Mouse SB+ or Brie

Disputed Mice (Need to confirm if SB is only cheese): Fog, Pebble, SilverTail, Tiny

Meadow: Cowardly, Field, Flying, Lightning Rod, Tiny (SB)

Town of Gnawnia: Cowardly, Flying, Longtail , Magic(SB), Pugilist, Silvertail(SB), Speedy(SB)

Windmill: Farmhand (SB), Field, Flying, Longtail, Pugilist, Scruffy, Silvertail, Speedy, Spud, Tiny

Harbour: Fog, Magic, Pugilist, Scruffy, Silvertail

Mountain: Fog, Pebble, Silvertail

Trap Setup Options

Areas that need work

Loot drop rates

  • Bear 1-2 Gnarled Potions
  • Beast Tamer 1-2 Veggies
  • Bionic 1-3 RB Potions
  • Centaur 1-3 Gnarled Potions
  • Chameleon 1 Gnarled Potion
  • Champion Mouse 1-2 Blue Pepper Seeds
  • Derr Chieftain Mouse 1-3 Red Pepper Seeds
  • Elub Chieftain Mouse 1-3 Blue Pepper Seeds
  • Finder 1-3 Veggies
  • Frog 1 Gnarled Potion
  • Gate Guardian 1-4 Runes
  • Gladiator 1-2 Red Pepper Seeds
  • Golem 1-2 Runes
  • Granite 1-2 RB Potions
  • Grunt 1-3 Stones
  • Hydra 1-7? Scrap Metal
  • Monster 32 Cheddar cheese, 24 Marble cheese
  • Mystic 1-2 Seashells
  • Nerg Chieftain Mouse 1-3 Yellow Pepper Seeds
  • Nibbler 20 Rockforth cheese
  • Pack 1-3 Seashells
  • Scavenger 4,5,7,8 Runes
  • Slayer 1-2 Yellow Seeds
  • Spellbinder 1-2 Stones
  • Steel 1 RB Potion
  • Treant 1,4,5,8 Splintered Wood
  • Troll 5-6 swiss, 8-9,12 marble 10-12,16 cheddar
  • Whelping Mouse 1-3 seashells, stones, or veggies

I wonder how to catch particular mice

Black Widow Cheese Options

Location Cheese Charm Rank Loot above SUPER|brie+ and Ancient Relic
Harbour SUPER|brie+ 1.18
Mountain SUPER|brie+ 1.15
Meadow SUPER|brie+ 1.03
Nerg Plains SUPER|brie+ 0.98
Derr Dunes SUPER|brie+ 0.82
Town of Gnawnia SUPER|brie+ 0.81
King's Arms SUPER|brie+ 0.79
Laboratory SUPER|brie+ 0.68
Training Grounds SUPER|brie+ 0.66
Lagoon Gnarled 0.63 Gnarled Cheese
Elub Shore SUPER|brie+ 0.59
Lagoon Wicked Gnarly 0.57 Gnarled Cheese
Wicked Gnarly Cheese
Town of Digby SUPER|brie+ 0.52
Calm Clearing SUPER|brie+ 0.52
Mountain SUPER|brie+ Prospector's Charm 0.46
Great Gnarled Tree SUPER|brie+ 0.41
Bazaar SUPER|brie+ 0.36
Acolyte Realm Radioactive Blue 0.31
Catacombs Radioactive Blue Antiskele Charm 0.17 Radioactive Blue cheese
Mousoleum Radioactive Blue 0.15 Radioactive Blue cheese
Catacombs Radioactive Blue 0.11 Radioactive Blue cheese
Laboratory Radioactive Blue 0.11
Forbidden Grove Radioactive Blue 0.09 Radioactive Blue cheese