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About Me

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What I Am Up To

  • Just finished Trap Setup Options for all levels. No plans to do Ronza area as I don't think people really hunt there and just go there to buy limited edition stuff.
  • Guidelines for Trap Setup options
    • Should be level appropriate - do not include traps or bases that are not available to the hunter
    • This means excluding limited edition bases like the polar base and weapons like the PartyBot.
    • The Trap Setups pages are not a value judgement on if setups are worth it. Few recommend buying the DDB or BG - even though they can work well at certain locations.
    • Rankings are determined by the MouseHunt Catch Rate Estimates based on minimum level to access the location, and an inactive gold shield.
  • I am also starting a Commonly Asked Question page that may one day replace the FAQ page.

Trap Setup Options

Areas that need work

  • Would like to have a better understanding of how loot drops work. What is the drop percentage of various loot by location and what is the impact of luck.

Commonly Asked Questions

Members of the MouseHunt community ask the same questions over and over as people go through the different stages of the game. While the developers are updating the game with new traps and locations that impact game play and balance, the purpose of this page is to share the collective wisdom of what has been learned.

As a Novice I wonder

As a Apprentice I wonder

As a Journeyman I wonder

  • Should I hunt in the Mountain or the Calm Clearing
    • You will earn more gold in the Calm Clearing, but the Mountains will open up more areas in the game.
  • Is the Mountain or the Calm Clearing better for collecting Splintered Wood?
    • More research is needed - recommendation is to use Brie Cheese to increase you attraction of the mice that drop wood. Note: It would make sense from a game balance perspective if the Mountain was the better location for wood.
  • Should I risk crafting the Dehydration Base?
    • If you feel like you could afford the loss of the gold required and can regain the splintered wood before Master, go ahead. But Explosive Base still does well in place of Dehydration.

As a Master I wonder

  • Should I hunt in the Laboratory or the Great Gnarled Tree?
  • Where is the better place to earn gold - the Town of Digby or the Mousoleum?
    • The lower cost of Swiss cheese that works well at earning gold in the Town of Digby compared to the cost of Radioactive Blue cheese, but Radioactive Blue cheese has a much higher attraction as well as the mice in the Mousoleum give a much higher reward. You will make more gold in Mousoleum, but you will have a lot of misses and red boxes.
  • Is the Venus Mouse Trap worth it?
    • The Venus Mouse Trap is a lot cheaper than Zugzwang's Last Move, but in the long run, Zugzwang's Last Move has a much higher catch rate and will be very worth the extra gold required.
  • Should I get the map to the next area from the Lycan or the Mole?
    • You are more likely to catch the Mole Mouse in the Town of Digby using the NVMRC Forcefield Trap trap than the Lycan mouse in the Mousoleum with the Sinister Portal. But you will need to spend time in the Mousoleum to get gold and points anyways. If you are specifically looking for the map piece, go after the Mole Mouse in the Town of Digby, otherwise, you will most likely get the map from hunting in the Mousoleum before you reach Grandmaster.

As a Grandmaster I wonder

  • Where is the best place for points?
    • The best location for earning points is in the Training Grounds with Brie (need confirmation)
  • Where is the best place for gold?
  • Is it worth it to risk crafting the ambush trap
    • The blueprints are easy to regain through drops from assassin or hapless mice. If you can afford losing the 60k+ it takes to purchase crafting items, go for it. Otherwise, wait until Legendary.
  • Is Maki cheese worth it?
    • If you are willing to spend teh SUPER Brie+ needed to craft this cheese, you will get tokens faster.

As a Legendary I wonder

  • Should I craft Obelisk of Incineration or stick with Obelisk of Slumber?
    • The Obelisk of Incineration's has higher power and 1 more luck than Obelisk of Slumber, but it has an extremely stale effect, while Obelisk of Slumber has higher attraction as well as an extremely fresh effect, which pretty much balances the two traps out. Incineration catches more, Slumber attracts more. But there's a catch, you need the blueprints (45k), some ingredients, as well as smashed obelisk parts, 1 coal, and 2 scrap metal! This means that the incineration costs about 45k + 1 coal + 2 scrap metal more. Those 2 scrap metal could go to the 12 scrap metal, which are hard to find, for ACRoNYM, as well, coal is extremely rare too. It is advised that hunters do not craft the OoI, but some hunters believe the higher catch rate will earn back the lost money and ingredients.
  • Is Ancient cheese worth it in the Catacombs
    • The extra expense of Ancient cheese is not worth it. Stick with Radioactive Blue.
  • Where is the best location to hunt for Scrap Metal?
    • Most people believe that hunting in Catacombs with Radioactive Blue is the most efficient way, but many believe that it is easier to hunt with Ancient in the Forbidden Grove if you have the Keeper's Candle.

As a Hero I wonder

As a Knight I wonder

As a Lord/Lady I wonder

At any level I wonder

  • How am I doing compared to everybody else or compared to my friends.
  • Who is Ronza, why do I care, and when is she coming back?
    • Not much is known about Ronza. She sell exotic goods that are only available from her for limited times. No one knows when she will come though rumors are that she comes back on special occasions. Her arrival will be reported in the Nibbler and she will show up on through the Travel button.

I wonder how to catch particular mice

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