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Wiki Etiquette

Before you make any further mistakes, let's run through a few issues regarding wiki etiquette. Firstly, never edit someone else's comments in the talk pages, as per your edits here and here. Comments are that person's opinions and words, signed and acknowledged solely by them. If you have your own opinions to voice out, include it in at the bottom, just like all other replies. It is a very basic form of courtesy.

Next, regarding conflicts of opinion. Again it is basic courtesy to work it out on the talk/discussion pages, something which you have not demonstrated so far. If you disagree with someone else's contributions, discuss it in the talk page. You don't keep reverting the changes. That is considered extremely juvenile behaviour, and not condoned on any wikis. Furthermore, repeat undo/reverts are considered vandalism, especially if there was no attempt to even engage in discussion. -- Grexx 11:46, 25 December 2009 (UTC)