Valour Rift

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Valour Rift
Region: Rift Plane
Minimum Rank: Archduke/Archduchess
Travel Requirement: Valour Rift Map Piece
Recommended Power Types: Rift
Recommended Cheese: Gauntlet String Cheese
Number of Mice: 26
Shops: Trapsmith
General Store
Charm Shoppe
Cheese Shoppe
Lose Gold: Yes
Lose Points: Yes
Lose Cheese: Yes
Release Date: 10th October 2019


Valour Rift in a location within the Rift Plane. Hunters collect Gauntlet Elixirs while arming String Cheese when they first arrive, using them to exchange for/ craft Gauntlet String Cheese. After stockpiling sufficient Gauntlet String Cheese, hunters can enter the tower. While doing so, there are 6 different augmentations one can activate in exchange for gold and materials looted from within the tower. The Ultimate Umbra augmentation is needed in order to encounter The Total Eclipse, which drops Core of the Eclipse. Doing a run without Ultimate Umbra, Hunters will instead encounter Shade of the Eclipse. As hunters attempt more runs, their augmentations will improve alongside their Speed, Sync and Siphon. This helps make subsequent runs more manageable.


The HUD tracks the Following Items:

Gauntlet String cheese can be bought or crafted directly from the HUD.


On the right, 3 separate stats are tracked:

  • Hunter's Speed - Is how many steps you take after a successful catch in the tower. Upgrade to increase the number of steps you take with each catch.
  • Hunter's Sync - Keeps you aligned with the tower, allowing for more hunts before you fall out of phase. Determines how well you stay in sync with the tower, increasing the number of hunts can you take before falling out of phase.
  • Hunter's Siphon - Aids in syncing you with the tower after each Eclipse catch, increasing the number of hunts left. Extends the number of hunts remaining everytime the Eclipse is caught.
Upgrade Level
Cost Bonus Cost Bonus Cost Bonus
2 40 Tower Sigils +1 Speed 40 Tower Sigils +10 Sync 100 Tower Sigils +5 Siphon
3 100 Tower Sigils +1 Speed 100 Tower Sigils +10 Sync 100 Tower Sigils
100 Tower Secrets
+5 Siphon
4 100 Tower Sigils
100 Tower Secrets
+1 Speed 100 Tower Sigils
100 Tower Secrets
+10 Sync 100 Tower Secrets
10 Fragment of the Eclipse
+5 Siphon
5 100 Tower Secrets
10 Fragment of the Eclipse
+1 Speed 100 Tower Secrets
10 Fragment of the Eclipse
+10 Sync 500 Tower Secrets
10 Core of the Eclipse
+5 Siphon
6 300 Tower Secrets
15 Fragment of the Eclipse
+1 Speed 300 Tower Secrets
15 Fragment of the Eclipse
+10 Sync NA NA
7 500 Tower Secrets
3 Core of the Eclipse
+1 Speed 500 Tower Secrets
3 Core of the Eclipse
+10 Sync NA NA
8 500 Tower Secrets
10 Core of the Eclipse
+1 Speed NA NA NA NA
9 500 Tower Secrets
25 Core of the Eclipse
+1 Speed NA NA NA NA
10 500 Tower Secrets
50 Core of the Eclipse
+1 Speed NA NA NA NA


There are a total of 6 Augmentations:

  • Sigil Hunter - Adds 50% more Tower Sigils to cache.
  • Secret Research - Adds 50% more Tower Secrets to cache
  • Super Siphon - Doubles the effect of Siphon
  • Ultimate Umbra - Confront a tougher challenge and earn more rewards. Failing to catch pushes you back! Unlocks The Total Eclipse
  • Elixir Rain - Mice have a 50% chance of dropping an Elixir.
  • String Stepping - Capturing the Terrified Adventurer gives x2 progress.

The associated costs are required for each new run.

Augmentation Unlocks at Cost per run
Sigil Hunter Floor 5 250,000 Gold
Secret Research Floor 15 500 Tower Sigils
Super Siphon Floor 20 1000 Tower Sigils
Ultimate Umbra Floor 25 50 Fragment of the Eclipse
Elixir Rain Floor 40 500 Tower Secrets
String Stepping Floor 65 1,500 Tower Secrets

Floor Cache Rewards

  • Note: Floor Cleared refers to the floor the hunter has completed fully (not was on) when retreating/running out of hunts. Eg. If you ended the run whilst on floor 3, you cleared only floor 2.
Floor Cleared Rewards
1 9,000 Gold
25 Tower Sigils
2 18,000 Gold
27 Tower Sigils
3 27,000 Gold
30 Tower Sigils


Cheese Preference and Loot

All mice require some variety of String Cheese. However, Terrified Adventurer Mouse, who gives double progress, is only attracted to Gauntlet String Cheese. Elixir Maker Mouse, who drops larger amounts of Gauntlet Elixir, is attracted more frequently to Magical String Cheese than other String Cheese.

Mouse Locator

Mouse Outside Tower Floor 1 Floor 2 Floor 3 Floor 4 Floor 5 Floor 6 Floor 7 Floor 8
Regular Ultimate Umbra Regular Ultimate Umbra Regular Ultimate Umbra Regular Ultimate Umbra Regular Ultimate Umbra Regular Ultimate Umbra Regular Ultimate Umbra Regular Ultimate Umbra
Timid Explorer X
Exixir Maker X
Terrified Adventurer X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Unwavering Adventurer
Puppetto X
Puppet Champion X
Cutpurse X
Champion Thief X
Martial X
Praetorian Champion X
One-Mouse Band X
Champion Danseuse X
Mouse of Elements X
Magic Champion X
Cursed Crusader X
Fallen Champion Footman X
Withered Remains X
Arch Champion Necromancer
Possessed Armaments X
Prestigious Adventurer
Soldier of Shade
Bulwark of Ascent
Shade of the Eclipse X
The Total Eclipse X

Hunting Strategy

Location-Specific Effects

Hunting tips by Larry

This place within the Rift Plane is an especially twisted version of our reality mirroring the King's Gauntlet. The Valour Rift Gauntlet Tower is slightly out of phase with our timeline and appears to endlessly stretch into a starry abyss with no end in sight. Navigating such a perplexing place is sure to cause a headache!

It's a good thing you're handy with a Rift Chronometer since it's just the thing you need to sync yourself into the timeline of the tower to be able to climb it. After entering, each mouse you capture will reveal the way forward, advancing you upwards. Just be quick -- You'll only remain in sync with the tower's timeline for so long before the steps fade away, sending you back to the tower's entrance.

While inside the tower, aim to climb as high up as you can. The mice inside protect valuable treasure with a greater cache of loot on each subsequent floor. The resources you recover will help upgrade your abilities in this strange place to grant you more time in the tower, advance further with each catch, and even siphon energy from the powerful Eclipse Mouse!

However, temper your initial exploration. Before ascending this bizarre tower, you'll likely want to collect Gauntlet Elixirs and exchange it at the Cheese Shoppe here for Gauntlet String Cheese. This unique flavour of bait can attract Terrified Adventurer mice within the tower. These mice have been navigating the tower for a long time and capturing one will reveal some shortcuts, further accelerating your progress!

That's all my research has revealed so far, MouseHunter. With the tower appearing to be infinitely tall, there's sure to be many more secrets to uncover once inside. Prepare your camp site and settle in for the long haul. This place will likely take quite a while to fully explore!

Adventure Book

Hunters can complete the End the Total Eclipse adventure in the Valour Rift.


These are the shoppes found in Valour Rift.

History and Trivia

  • 10 October 2019: Valour Rift was released as an expansion to the Rift Plane.

To move to a new area within the game, click on the TRAVEL button. The map will show all your discovered areas, as well as any special considerations of note in a specific area. It will also show the minimum rank required to hunt in that area.

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