Winter Cup Dissonance Skin

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Winter Cup Dissonance Skin
Skin Info
Obtained Via: See current Event location Tradeable: Yes
Event: Lunar New Year Giveable: Yes
Cost: See current Event location Craftable: No
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: External Link
A burning pyre of celebration in honour of the Winter Games! Mice will come from far and wide to compete and spectate at the promise of an exciting and competitive event which will end in demise as they realize all too late when this sports-themed pyre ends up being their funeral one!

Weapon Info

The Winter Cup Dissonance Skin can be used on the Timesplit Dissonance Trap. The trap's stats (power, power bonus, attraction bonus, etc.) are not changed.

Purchasing Info

The Winter Cup Dissonance Skin may be made available during the annual Lunar New Year event and can be traded on the Marketplace or through Give To Friends.

History and Trivia

  • 9 February 2018: The Winter Cup Dissonance Skin was released as part of the Lunar New Year 2018.