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  | 19,000
  | 19,000
  | Wizard's Pieces
  | Wizard's Pieces
  | align="left" | [[Master Bindings]]
  | align="left" | [[Master Bindings]]<br />Zugzwang's Left Sock

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An ordered chaos consumes the enchanted tower as the technological chess mice do battle with their mystical counterparts, all under the auspices of a dark game master who hides in the shadows. Conquer both Kings to find what lurks beyond the chess board, but beware: this is a place of powerful magics, where things are not always what they seem.

Description and Requirements

Zugzwang's Tower is a location in the Rodentia region requiring a minimum rank of Lord or Lady and the Zugzwang's Tower Key to enter.

Upon catching a Mystic King or a Technic King, the hunter is automatically transported back to the Seasonal Garden with the following message:

Checkmate! I defeated a Technic King Mouse! I was transported to the Seasonal Garden. <br\> OR <br\> Checkmate! I defeated a Mystic King Mouse! I was transported to the Seasonal Garden.

Upon exiting Zugzwang's Tower, by traveling, catching a King or getting an amplifier percentage of 0%, the Tower Progress will reset as well as the Tower Amplifier.


There are no shops in Zugzwang's Tower. Shops for the Rodentia region can be found in the S.S. Huntington II and Seasonal Garden.

Zugzwang's Tower Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot % Decrease in
Tower Amplifier
Technic Pawn 7,200 1,090 Wizard's Pieces 1%
Mystic Pawn 8,800 890 Wizard's Pieces 1%
Technic Knight 15,590 1,980 Wizard's Pieces 3%
Mystic Knight 19,060 1,620 Wizard's Pieces 3%
Technic Bishop 33,265 1,100 Wizard's Pieces 3%
Mystic Bishop 40,655 900 Wizard's Pieces 3%
Technic Rook 59,400 2,785 Wizard's Pieces 5%
Mystic Rook 72,600 2,277 Wizard's Pieces 5%
Technic Queen 66,240 17,080 Wizard's Pieces 9%
Mystic Queen 80,960 13,970 Wizard's Pieces 9%
Technic King 80,730 10,470 Wizard's Pieces Technic Cheese Mould
Torn Technic Page
Droid Jetpack
Mystic King 98,670 8,560 Wizard's Pieces Mystic Curd
Mystic Crystal
Torn Mystic Page
Chess Master 119,600 19,000 Wizard's Pieces Master Bindings
Zugzwang's Left Sock

Hunting Strategy

Hunters are advised to use their strongest Tactical setup. Upon entering the location, one will only be able to attract two mice, the Mystic Pawn Mouse and the Technic Pawn Mouse. As in a game of chess, one will need to get 8 Pawns, then 2 Knights, then 2 Bishops, followed by 2 Rooks and a Queen. Only then will one be able to attract a King.<br\> Catching either the Mystic King Mouse or the Technic King Mouse will cause the hunter to be immediately transported to the Seasonal Garden, unless he/she was using Checkmate cheese, in which case the hunter will then be able to attract the elusive Chess Master if he/she keeps using Checkmate.

Cheese Usage

Hunters may use any cheese in this location, but they are advised to use either Gouda or SUPERbrie+ due to the low attraction rate.<br\> In order to be able to attract the Chess Master, a hunter must use Checkmate when hunting a King.

Hunting Tips by Larry

Greetings, Mousehunter!

I hope you've got your Tower Amplifier charged, because the mice of Zugzwang's Tower are going to put up a fight unlike any other.

Long ago, the Tower mice became enchanted chess pieces in a game that never ends. The two teams, Technic and Mystic, use a clear strategy when attacking, much like real chess pieces. Catching eight Pawns releases the Knights. Catching two Knights releases the Bishops. Catching two Bishops releases the Rooks. Catching two Rooks releases the Queen, and catching one Queen releases the King.

Did you get all that? Don't worry if you didn't-- when you enter the tower, your Tower Amplifier also comes equipped with a progress bar to let you know how close you are to the King!

Each time you catch a mouse, or fail to attract, your Tower Amplifier's charge decreases. Make sure you don't leave the Tower before you catch a King, or drain your Amplifier. If you do, your progress, and your Amplifier will be set back to zero.

If your strategy is sound, and you capture the King, your progress will be reset and you will be whisked away to the Seasonal Garden. If however, you catch a King using the rare Checkmate Cheese then you shall remain in the tower and a greater adversary will await your challenge.

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