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Eggsweeper is a minigame available during the annual Spring Egg Hunt event.
It is similar to Minesweeper.


The Hunter can choose to do a Normal Board or Deluxe Board. Choosing upgraded board consumes 1 Magical Eggsweeper Fertilizer.

The board size is 9×6, for a total of 54 tiles.

"Digging" a tile consumes 1 Eggsweeper Shovel and can result in 1 of 2 outcomes:

  • Success: 1 Eggsweeper Egg is added to the Hunter's inventory.
  • Failed: a number appears showing how many of the 8 neighboring tiles have hidden eggs.
    • If that number is 0, all those neighboring tiles are marked with a cross and become un-clickable.

Once all 10 eggs are found, the minigame ends and the Hunter can start the next board.


The reward tier depend on the Hunter's rank, while the egg size depends on the board type.

Tier Rank Small Eggsweeper Egg Large Eggsweeper Egg
1 Novice to Journeyman/Journeywoman Small Eggsweeper Egg (Tier 1) Large Eggsweeper Egg (Tier 1)
2 Master to Lord/Lady Small Eggsweeper Egg (Tier 2) Large Eggsweeper Egg (Tier 2)
3 Baron/Baroness to Count/Countess Small Eggsweeper Egg (Tier 3) Large Eggsweeper Egg (Tier 3)
4 Duke/Duchess to Grand Duke/Grand Duchess Small Eggsweeper Egg (Tier 4) Large Eggsweeper Egg (Tier 4)
5 Archduke/Archduchess and above Small Eggsweeper Egg (Tier 5) Large Eggsweeper Egg (Tier 5)

Eggsweeper Shovel

This specially designed mini-shovel is used to carefully dig and extract eggs from the soil in the Eggsweeper mini-game during the Spring Egg Hunt!

They are extremely delicate so as to avoid breaking the eggs they find, making them good for one-time use only!


History and Trivia

  • 9 April 2019: Eggsweeper was introduced as part of the Spring Egg Hunt 2019 event.
  • 28 March 2023: Eggsweeper was update to include a new Tier 5.

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