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Throughout this site you'll find information normally discovered through gameplay. If you prefer to discover everything on your own, this site may affect your enjoyment of the game.
Welcome to the MouseHunt Wiki, where users contribute their knowledge of the MouseHunt world for the benefit of the community.

MouseHunt is a popular game in which players, referred to as hunters, catch mice with a variety of traps and cheeses to earn experience points and virtual gold through passive gameplay. From time to time the developers add new locations and mice as well as sponsor thousands of dollars for periodic giveaways and tournaments. MouseHunt was developed by HitGrab Inc. as a Facebook application and released to a small group for beta testing in early 2008. On 7 March 2008, MouseHunt was officially released to the general public. Just nine months later, MouseHunt earned its creators a $250,000 development grant from Facebook and the game continues to grow in popularity.

This wiki exists to inform and educate the community of MouseHunters and those who have an interest in the MouseHunt world and its intricacies.

If you have suggestions for improvements to the wiki, spot an error, or can fill in missing information, please post a note in either the Official Wiki Suggestion Thread or Discord Wiki Suggestion Channel.

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Current Events


19 March 2024

Eggsplore and Eggsperience the Season!
New Eggs and New Rewards!

Spring Forward into another Egg-Packed Season!

One of the most time-honoured events has returned to the Kingdom of Gnawnia! This year the Spring Egg Hunt features 11 brand new eggs, loads of chocolate fondue, and a very special reward found on Lady Laura’s final shelf that will begin a journey extending beyond the Spring Egg Hunt!

To get started, you'll need a special egg-finding piece of equipment called an Eggscavator. If you do not already own one, you can claim one for free from the Spring Egg Hunt heads-up display. So grab yourself an Eggscavator and get ready for an eggsceptional season!

Eggstra Fondue: A Decadent Delight from Lady Laura!

Lady Laura, the esteemed chocolatier, has outdone herself this year with an exquisite addition to her culinary repertoire: Eggstra Fondue. This divine chocolate fondue crafted with a celestial symphony of flavor and texture promises an indulgent gustatory experience like no other!

Taking over the role of Eggstra Charms from past Egg Hunts, Eggstra Fondue brings a new level of decadence to the Spring Egg Hunt by freeing up the charm slot to strategically aid in your egg-hunting endeavours! Activated through the event HUD, this luxurious fondue produces Chocolatonium and doubles any eggs dropped and produces extra Chocolatonium for each egg looted! When paired with the Chocolate Bar Base, it has the rare chance to triple the eggs dropped instead of just doubling them.

An Eggstra Important Note

The Eggstra ingredient used in Eggstra Charms and Eggstra Charge Charms from previous Egg Hunts has gone stale. These charms can be smashed with the Hunter's Hammer to reactivate the Eggstra ingredient and convert them into Eggstra Fondue!

Eggstra Fondue is NOT safe for consumption and should be handled with protective equipment.

Unfortunately, a certain group of greedy, chocolate-obsessed mice have once again ambushed Lady Laura's caravan and stolen all of her Chocolatonium! Collect the stolen Chocolatonium from the Spring Egg Hunt mice roaming all over the Kingdom. These mice are so plentiful right now that you won't even need cheese to attract them!

Return the Chocolatonium to Lady Laura to unlock the shelves in her Chocolate Shop and she'll show her gratitude by presenting you with special, one-time rewards for unlocking each shelf. Once a shelf has been unlocked, you'll be able to purchase the items on that shelf with Chocolatonium anytime during the event.

The Journey for the M1000 has begun!

Lady Laura has an extra special surprise this year! Unlocking the final shelf in her Chocolate Shop will reward the M1000 Team Research Expedition Scroll Case.

Completing this challenging treasure map with up to four friends is the first step towards hunting the M1000 mouse when it activates on April 16, 2024.

Inside the M1000 Team treasure chest, you'll find another, much shorter scroll case that can only be completed alone.

Completing the M1000 Solo Pursuit Treasure Map will reward the only cheese powerful enough to attract the M1000: Thousandth Draft Derby Cheese!

You will be able to use this valuable new cheese starting April 16, 2024 when the M1000 will be activated in the Table of Contents!

Catching the M1000 will reward the map piece for the upcoming School of Sorcery as well as a powerful new aura: the Millenniaura!

The M1000 Team Expedition maps are permanent new additions to the game! Hunters can hold onto their scroll cases to complete them later and will be able to purchase additional M1000 Team Scroll Cases from the Cartographer in the upcoming School of Sorcery.

Spring Mice and Spring Eggs

The Chocolatonium has driven the spring event mice into such a frenzy that you can find these mice EVERYWHERE in the Kingdom! They're so abundant that you do not need special cheese to attract them. In fact, you don't need any cheese at all!

The spring event mice all come exclusively from bonus hunts meaning they'll occasionally wander into your trap without consuming cheese or charms and without affecting any area gameplay progression. The spring mice will always drop Chocolatonium when caught.

In the midst of this Chocolatonium frenzy, some special mice have relocated to new, permanent homes within Gnawnia. Certain mice with a history of love and heartache are waiting to be discovered among a few different locations in the kingdom, and may be the key to finding one of the new eggs…

New Year, New Eggs!

There are 11 new eggs to find! Can you decipher their hints and find them to collect their bonus loot? Remember, you'll need your trusty Eggscavator to find them so make sure you pick one up before you head out!

Vinneus Stalkhome Egg Dungeon Master Egg Malevolent Maestro Egg Mythical Giant King Egg
Magic Bean Egg Lavish Lapis Bean Egg Royal Ruby Bean Egg Golden Harp String Egg
Golden Goose Egg Egg Max Loot Multiplier Egg Love Egg

The Eggsweeper Mini-Game Has Returned!

HOW TO PLAY: There are 10 eggs hidden somewhere in the field and you need to reveal them all to earn rank-specific rewards! Each tile you reveal costs 1 Eggsweeper Shovel. When you reveal a tile, you will either be shown a number or an egg. The number shown is a clue representing how many eggs are hidden in nearby tiles (diagonals included). If you reveal an egg, you get a special Eggsweeper Egg added to your inventory based on your hunter title.

These eggs will contain loot appropriate for areas in the Kingdom tied to hunter ranks, now including the Bountiful Beanstalk in the Tier 5 Egg (Archduke/Archduchess and up). You can find a few Eggsweeper Shovels in each of this year's Spring Eggs including a whopping 60 inside the Golden Egg! You can also find them in your Daily Loyalty Chest, Lady Laura will gift you some for unlocking each of the shelves in her Chocolate Shop, or you can purchase them from the Premium Shop.

For even more eggstraordinary rewards, dust your Eggsweeper field with Magical Fertilizer before you start the mini-game! All the eggs found in a fertilized field will eggsplode with even more amazing loot!

10 Eggsweeper Shovels
Dig, dig, dig!
Magical Eggsweeper Fertilizer
Reap what you sow!
125 Eggsweeper Shovels
Dig some more!!
Eggsweeper Starter Pack
Get Eggscavating!

Supplies and Eggcessories

The King has assembled this eggsquisite collection of bundles and kits to help you find the most eggs and the most Chocolatonium!

Eggstreme Hunting Bundle
An Eggstreme Deal! (Limit 3)
Spring Hunt Decorative Bundle
Three New Skins! (Limit 1)
Spring Hunt Gardener Bundle
Can You Dig It? (Limit 3)
Eggstravagant Supply Kit
The Pinnacle of Eggstravagance!
Eggscellent Gift Basket
For An Eggscellent Friend!
25 Eggstra Fondue
Double Eggs and Chocolatonium!
100 Eggstra Fondue
Double Even More Eggs!

Chocolatonium has a highly unstable atomic structure and therefore only has a very short half-life. Any pure Chocolatonium exposed to the open air will undergo radioactive decay after only four weeks and even when it's properly contained within a hunter's inventory, it will only last an additional two weeks.

As of April 16, mice will no longer drop Chocolatonium and eggs will no longer be found in the Kingdom.

As of April 23, any Chocolatonium that remains in a hunter's inventory will decay into nothingness.

As of April 30, The Eggsweeper Mini-Game will close.

Make sure to spend it all at the Chocolate Shop while you can!

Get News on Future Events!

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You can sign up for the newsletter from the settings section of the game. Change your mind? You're free to unsubscribe at any time!

-- Jake Nissen