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Articles needing attention lists the various articles around the MH Wiki that need significant contributions from other editors. This page aims to centralize all the tasks that need to be done so that it can more easily be spotted and picked up. Please refer to the respective talk pages for further discussion on the individual tasks in question.

Besides the articles listed here, many of the other pages can do with some improvements. Go ahead and make edits if you feel it will improve the look/layout/information flow etc of the page.

Pending Tasks

Anyone can add to this page if you spot something that needs improvement. The important thing to remember is to make the task description as clear as possible.

If you decide to work on an article, do add your name to the list so that any other editors who wish to help out know at a glance who is already working on it. If you consider a task completed, please move it to the next table.

Article Description of work that needs to be done Currently being worked on by

Images Needed

Article Image Needed Status

Completed Tasks

Please move all completed jobs here for the record, most recent ones below.

Article Description of work that was done Work completed by
Cheese Brought up to date with Mountain update Cheese Mark Bodiella
Charms Brought up to date with all recent charms Mark Bodiella
Skin Brought up to date with all recent skins Mark Bodiella
Skins Individual skin pages Updated with new Skin template. Mark Bodiella

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