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Adding New Maps to the Wiki

  • New Maps need their own page. See the layout below.
  • Add the map to any disambiguations or related pages that may be appropriate.
  • Add the new map and its stats to the Treasure Map, Scroll Case, and Treasure Chest pages.
  • Create redirects for the treasure chests to point to the Treasure Chest subsection on the map page
  • Any information about the map that is likely to become stale should either be placed in the History and Trivia section or avoided completely.

Map Page Layout

The Map pages are as laid out below. This can also be used as the basic structure in creating a new Map page. Note that the sections should always be laid out in the order in which they are shown below, which is in the order of importance that most players will consider the information.

Bold the map name wherever it appears on the page to help guide the user's eye to relevant info. Follow the bolding and capitalization conventions outlined in the included examples to help provide a consistent look and feel to the various cheese pages.

Article starts with the Maps Template. Please use the rtoc template to show the table of contents on the right side of the page.

Note that the LLL, Image and Description will all refer to the Scroll Case where the map is found.

Manual of Style - Maps
Map Info
Number of Mice:
Rank to Acquire:
Rank to Join:
Reward Chest:
Scroll Case Info
Scroll Case:
Scroll Case Source:
Larry's Loot Lexicon: ??
Image: ??

Acquiring a [Map name]

List the scroll case where this map can be found, its cost, and the ranks required for obtaining the scroll case and joining the map.

Mice Found on a [Map Name]

List the number of mice found on each map and the locations where they are found.

Treasure Chests

List the name of the basic treasure chest awarded for completing this map. For maps that award chests that change with the seasons, each new season should be listed separately and from newest to oldest. See Easy Treasure Map as an example.

Guaranteed Items

These items are found in each Chest Name (link to chest).
Rare treasure chests are awarded to Hunters who have used Rare Map Dust on a [Name] Treasure Map.

Gold Points Ancient
Gold Points Ancient
Acolyte Realm
Treasure Chest
Rare Acolyte Realm
Treasure Chest
45,000 30,000 7 90,000 60,000 14

Variable Items

Hunters will receive a number of items from the following list. Hunters may receive multiples of some items.

Ancient Cheese 12 - 19
Ancient Potion 1 - 2
Antiskele Charm 10 - 18
Moon Cheese 10 - 16
Rune 8 - 12
Runic Cheese 10 - 12
Runic Potion 1

Rare Items

If chests (usually only Relic Hunter chests) contain rare items such as traps, skins or collectibles, list them here.

History and Trivia

Introduction, change in source, etc should be listed here.

Links and Images

Include image links here. Below are examples.

  • Larry's Loot Lexicon
  • Images