King's Credits

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Congratulations! You've been awarded a King's Credit! Visit the royal prize shop to claim a prize of your choice, or keep saving up to redeem greater rewards!

King's Credits are the only currency accepted in the King's Cart. A hunter can view their current number of credits on the Special tab, or with Larry's Loot Lexicon. Credits can be saved for use in a future event.

They can be obtained by catching prize mice: Treasurer, Snooty or High Roller which are more common during a King's Giveaway.

Amounts Dropped by Prize Mice

King's Credits are also available from Loyalty Chests, and hunters can share 1 King's Credit each with 3 friends by publishing the news when they level up to a new Rank title. King's Credits are also obtained from Relic Hunter Season 3 Treasure Chests and completing certain Adventure Book quests.

History and Trivia

  • When King's Credits were originally introduced in 2010, a Hunter with a higher Prize Power is more likely to encounter a prize mouse. However, in 2013, Prize Power was abandoned, and no longer affects the likelihood of a hunter encountering a prize mouse.