King's Giveaway (2021)

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A King's Giveaway ran from 25 May through 8 June. Additional Prize Mice were released throughout the Kingdom. These mice began dropping King's Prize Keys that opened Mystery Prize Packs and Mini Prize Packs.

A banner above the Hunter's Journal tracks the Hunter's inventory of King's Prize Keys and, when opened, the pop-up allows Hunters to use the keys to open 10 Mystery Prize Packs. The pop-up also tracks global Prize Mice catches by Hunter's Title.

Acquiring King's Prize Keys

All Prize Mice will drop 1 King's Prize Key when caught. All other mice can also drop King's Prize Keys.

Mystery Prize Pack Contents

The following items are found inside these packs, but are arranged randomly:

Mini Prize Pack Contents

Once all 10 Mystery Prize Packs are opened, additional King's Prize Keys can be used to open Mini Prize Packs.

These packs can contain:

Loot Dropped by Prize Mice

Besides the King's Prize Key, Prize Mice have also been observed to drop the following loot during the 2021 King's Giveaway Event: