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The scoreboard allows you to check your progress against other players of the game.

How to use

The scoreboard is displayed when selecting it from a drop down list after you press the Kingdom button located on top banner on the right side.

By clicking on the categories in the drop down menu and/or switching to different tabs, the scoreboard will rank players based on various player statistics. By default the scoreboard lists all time scores for all hunters, to compare weekly scores, you need to tick the Show Weekly Rankings box, to compare with friends, you need to tick the Show Friends box.

You can search for other player's scores by entering their name in the search text box and selecting the Search button.

Information Displayed

  • Your Rank – This is your position compared to other players. A lower number is better.
  • Rank – This is the player's position compared to other players. The first three hunters' ranks are colored gold, silver and bronze respectively, while the rest are colored brown.
  • Profile Picture – A small 50x50 px icon of the hunter.
  • Shield – To the left of the name an icon represents the Hunter's Title.
  • Name – This is the profile name of the player. Clicking on the name will display their Hunter's Profile.

Hunters Scoreboard

Tournaments Scoreboard

The default tournament displayed is the one that has most recently started.


Chasing a higher position on the scoreboard can add another dimension to the MouseHunt game. Some players set a goal to be one of the Top X players, where X is some reasonable number, and after achieving that goal, they set a new goal with a lower number. Other players use the scoreboard to having bragging rights among their circle of friends on who is the best MouseHunter.

History and Trivia

In the past, you could view your own scoreboard rank, both by Points and Gold by navigating to the Hunting Group Page, find your own name and click on the Green Arrows next to your Points/Gold. You may also "Seek" other players in your Hunting Group in this manner. However, this function has been removed since the Longtail update.

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