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The Marketplace is an in-game feature that enables hunters ranked Apprentice and above to anonymously buy and sell various items with other players using gold. Unlike the Cheese Shoppe or Trapsmith, the Marketplace is a peer-populated feature, meaning that hunters looking to buy or sell certain items are only able to find matching items that other hunters have put up for sale or requested to buy.

The marketplace popup is divided into 4 tabs:


This tab has 3 areas:
The top shows items suitable for the hunter current location, along with recently traded items.
The middle shows favorite items, these are set by the hunter clicking on the star on the bottom right of the image on the individual item's page.
The bottom shows items of interest, High Value,Frequently Traded and In Demand.

My Listings

This tab lists all items the hunter wants to buy or sell. the columns list the Type of transaction, Item, Quantity, Unit price with tariff, Date, Amount Traded and Action.

Once the hunting has confirm their listing, if there is a matching offer, the listing will auto-complete. The King charges a 10% gold tax to the purchaser on all items sold on the marketplace, paid by the buyer regardless of who initiated the transaction. The tariff is rounded up - a transaction for 1 gold costs the buyer 2 gold. Transactions are anonymous; there is no way to restrict a transaction to a particular hunter, or to know which hunter completed the transaction. A hunter defaults to having 6 listings, and can gain more by holding the Lucky Golden Shield (+2 listings) or obtaining the Regal Marketplace Display Case and Regal Marketplace Stool (+1 listing each) from the King's Arms General Store. If the Lucky Golden Shield expires while a hunter already has that slot occupied, the listing remains on the marketplace, but once complete, the hunter can't create a new listing in its place without restoring the Lucky Golden Shield.


This tab shows all items that the hunter has brought and sold, the columns list the Type of transaction, Item, Quantity, Unit price with tariff, Date, Total price and Repeat button. At the bottom of the page is a load more button to show older transactions and a summary of items brought and sold.


This tab shows the different categories in the marketplace, and show just the items within that category, the columns list Item, Amount Owned, Average Price, along with Buy and Sell buttons. There are two tick boxes, one first to hide items the hunter does not own, the second to hide items with no recent activity.

Items tradable via Marketplace



Baskets & Kits









MouseHunt 1.0

When the Marketplace was first introduced, hunters were able to buy and sell the Key to the Town of Digby, the Laboratory Map Piece, and SUPER|brie+. However, the Marketplace interface was the subject of numerous complaints regarding unavailability of goods and difficulty of trading. In MouseHunt 1.0, the Marketplace feature could be found in the shops tab of the game.

MouseHunt 2.0

With the update to MouseHunt 2.0, the Marketplace was unavailable to players and was replaced by the Trading Boards where only SUPER|brie+ could be traded. In this version, trades would be negotiated through the discussion boards. Once an exchange had been agreed upon, the seller would send a trade request to the buyer who would then confirm the purchase. Hunters could have up to 3 pending trade requests at any one time.

MouseHunt 3.0

  • On 21 June 2010, the Marketplace re-opened in MouseHunt 3.0, appearing under the Shops tab. This version of the Marketplace allows hunters to anonymously post offers selling SUPER|brie+, Moon and Maki cheese.
  • On 23 July 2014, the Marketplace underwent a revamp, where hunters could now post Buy offers, and have up to 5 Sell and 5 Buy offers pending simultaneously. The page changed to a popup window, including featured items based on activity and price changes, and hunters could view their entire history of transactions that took place in the Marketplace.

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