Pollutinum Wealth Chest

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A chest containing 100,000 gold along with an item from the Toxic Spill.
These chests are carefully crafted by an eccentric scientist that refused to leave the Laboratory when it became infested with mice. Having no desire to visit the spill themselves, the scientist offers these chests of wealth in exchange for a large quantity of Refined Pollutinum to craft the chest. What they do with the excess Refined Pollutinum remains a mystery...

A Pollutinum Wealth Chest can be purchased at the Laboratory General Store for 200 Pollutinum, obtained via Give To Friends or bought at the Marketplace. It is placed in the Special inventory tab.


Each Pollutinum Wealth Chest contains 100,000 gold and one of the following items:

Item Quantity
Extreme Polluted Charm 4-6
Pollutinum 100
Radioactive Curd 20
Scrap Metal 25
Soap Charms 3-5
Soapy Suds 10
Stale Cheese 100
Stale SUPER|brie+ 50
Super Polluted Charm ??
Super Rotten Charm ?
Super Soap Charm 2-4
Ultimate Polluted Charms 3-4

History and Trivia

The Pollutinum Wealth Chest was released on 29 October 2015, as part of a Toxic Spill update.


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