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After cleanup is completed at the Hero level, the area is closed and hunters can finally refine Crude Pollutinum into Pollutinum before the next spill begins.

In the days leading up to the spill, the ticker displays messages warning of an impending spill:

Pollution levels near the Laboratory are rising! Scientists predict the spill will occur within [X] hours!

When the time allotted to cleaning the Toxic Spill expires, all hunters remaining in the area are moved to the Laboratory, with the following message appearing in the Hunter's Journal:

The Toxic Spill has been cleaned up and the hunters cheer! We move back to the Laboratory for a debriefing.
I should refine my Crude Pollutinum into pure Pollutinum before the next spill occurs.

Hovering over the ranks gives the following messages:
Message if the spill is not severe enough to reveal mice associated with the rank:

Contamination too low. Higher levels of pollution will require more experienced hunters.

Message if the spill level has been successfully cleaned:

Contamination level cleared!

The current spill level displays this message:

Rank - [X]% cleaned
Help defend the cleanup crew for the next [Hours:Minutes]!

Message if the spill is still too severe to allow a rank to assist in cleanup:

The pollution is still too intense for Hunters of this level

Each spill starts at a specific Pollution Level which determines the minimum rank initially allowed into the area, the amount of time required to completely clean the spill, and the mice available to be caught. The lowest rank at which a spill will start is Count/Countess.
All Hunters that meet or exceed the current Pollution Level rank requirement can participate in the cleaning process. As each Pollution Level is completed, the next lower rank is allowed to enter the area and join in the cleaning process. Once time elapses for the Hero portion of the spill, the Toxic Spill location is closed and Hunters are moved to the Laboratory.
Once the area closes Crude Pollutinum can be refined into Pollutinum.