Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is celebrated around 14 February of each each year. The annual Valentine's Day event may be combined with the Lunar New Year event due to their proximity on the calendar.

Each year the mice found during the Valentine's Day event may require special cheeses or charms to attract. This information can be found on the event location page.

Event History

Valentine's Day Mice

These were the Event mice that might be encountered during the annual Valentine's Day event.

After the annual Valentine's Day event was retired, these mice are re-allocated into non-event mouse groups and locations.

Mouse Points Gold New mouse group
Cupid 222 2,222 Followers of Furoma
Gentleman Caller 5,000 2,500 Wild Bunch
Juliyes 999 9,999 Indigenous Mice
Lovely Sports 950 750 Indigenous Mice
Melancholy Merchant
Previously known as Forever Alone
1,000 101 Indigenous Mice
Romeno 0 300 Indigenous Mice
Romeo 1,000 1,500 Indigenous Mice
Totally Not Tax Fraud
Previously known as Totally Not Bitter
5,000 24,899 Indigenous Mice

Valentine's Day Charms

These charms may have special uses during the annual Valentine's Day event.

During the Calamity Carl's Cozy Cruise (2013) and Calamity Carl's Cozy Cruise (2014) events, Valentine Charm was required to attract the Totally Not Bitter Mouse

Valentine's Day Weapons

Valentine's Day Skins

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