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Please note that any Power Type Charms (Forgotten Charm, Hydro Charm, Nanny Charm or Shadow Charm) have no effect when a Skin that alters a Weapon's Power Type (Isle Idol Trap or Golem Guardian Trap) is armed.


A trap consists of two compulsory elements – one Weapon plus one Base. Charms, which enhance certain features of a trap, can optionally be armed by hunters ranked Journeyman/Journeywoman and above.

The Weapon is the part of the trap that determines (with very few exceptions) the Power Type of the trap. Weapons can combine with bases and charms to create specific effects for certain areas, for certain mice, or for certain loot. When Hunters begin working for the King they can choose to start hunting with either the High Tension Spring or the Tacky Glue Trap (Mouse Hot Tub if starting the game through the Mobile app). These are the most basic weapons available. As hunters capture more mice and earn more gold and experience, they will need to upgrade their traps with new weapons to increase their success in catching more powerful mice.

Obtaining Weapons

Weapons can be obtained in the following ways (not all weapons are available via all methods):

Weapons cannot be traded with other players or sold on the Marketplace, except for the Creepy Coffin Trap and the Shrink Ray Trap.

Limited Edition Weapons, as with all limited edition items, cannot be obtained once the original opportunity for acquiring them has ended.

Using Weapons

A hunter's weapons, bases, and charms appear in the Traps Inventory tab. A hunter can select which trap component is armed from the inventory page, from the primary Camp page, and also from a Trapsmith / Charm Shoppe just after purchasing a trap component. Additionally, each Hunter's Profile includes a status of how many trap components a hunter owns, split into lists of weapons and bases on the Items tab.

It is not possible to hunt without a weapon armed.

Weapon stats

The overall strength of the component. Traps with higher power are more likely to catch mice.
Mice have specific weaknesses to certain Power Types. Using the appropriate weapon in the appropriate area is a critical part of any hunter’s strategy.
The power bonus of weapon, base, charm and other special power modifiers are added together and then applied to the total power of the trap, increasing its power.
The attraction bonus boosts the attraction power of the bait being used increasing the odds of a mouse approaching a hunter’s trap.
Luck increases the chance to catch mice as well as boost the drop of most loot in the game.
Any time a mouse is not attracted to a trap during a hunt there is a chance for the cheese to turn stale. Traps with a fresher cheese effect help reduce the likelihood of cheese turning stale.
  • Special Effects
Many weapons have special effects when used in certain locations, when paired with specific bases and/or charms, or against specific mice or mouse groups.

Power Type

The Power Type of a trap set-up is determined by the weapon chosen by the Hunter. A weapon's power type determines its overall effectiveness when targeting Mice. Mice have weaknesses to specific power types, so Hunters must match the weapon with their mouse target for maximum effect.

A weapon's Power Type may be altered by arming Power Type Charms. The change will last only as long as the charms remain armed.

There are currently 10 different power types in the game. The list of Weapons for each power type can be found on the individual power type pages.

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