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The overall strength of the component. Traps with higher power are more likely to catch mice.

Whenever a mouse is attracted to a trap, the power of the trap determines the odds that it will be caught. Generally, the higher the power, the more frequently mice are caught. However, the Power Type of a trap and the mouse also affect the chances of catching a mouse.

Additionally, the Power Bonus also boosts the total power of a trap.

Note that power does not determine how frequently, or which mice are attracted to the trap, which are dependent on the Attraction Bonus and baited cheese of the trap, respectively.

During the Great Winter Hunt 2013, hunters could obtain an additional +1,000 power by building up the Snow Cannon at the Festive Snow Fort.

Some location-specific setups offer additional power and/or power bonuses; for example, hunting in the Toxic Spill with a Soap Charm armed offers an additional 5,000 power which is then multiplied by the power bonus.

To date, the highest possible power observable in-game without event-related effects is 2,615,513 power, and can be achieved while hunting in the Pagoda of the Furoma Rift and hunting with all 10 batteries, using the Smoldering Stone Sentinel Trap, Physical Brace Base, Ember Charm, and Empowered SUPER|brie+, while the Lightning Aura is active. However, this setup will not attract any mice, and is the incorrect power type to catch any mice in the Pagoda of the Furoma Rift.

During Wave Four of Fiery Warpath, an in-game power of 1,104,838, can be achieved with Warden Slayer Trap, Physical Brace Base, EMP400 Charm and Fusion Fondue. In Furoma Rift, a very high powered setup of 667,625 is Birthday Party Piñata Bonanza, Physical Brace Base, Ultimate Power Charm and Empowered Brie Cheese or Empowered SUPER|brie+ with Level 10 battery. In Zugzwang's Tower, 82,565 power can be achieved by pairing the Tiki Base, Chrome MonstroBot, and EMP400 Charm at a full 175% tower amplifier, when hunting the M400 mouse. A similar power of 82,472 is achieved with the Physical Brace Base, since the extra power offered by that base is calculated more like the tower amplifier than a typical Power Bonus.

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