Attraction Bonus

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The attraction bonus boosts the attraction power of the bait being used increasing the odds of a mouse approaching a hunter’s trap.

An attraction bonus on certain bases, weapons, and charms grants a hunter's trap a better probability of attracting mice. The attraction bonus serves as a modifier boosting the base Attraction Rate of the current baited cheese. The higher the bonus, the more likely a mouse will be attracted. Pairing the Soiled base with Growth or Wild Growth charms results in additional attraction bonus. Currently, the possible bonus ranges from 0% to a maximum of 85% (Wooden Base with Target or Cheesecake Base for 20%, Tacky Glue Trap for 40%, and a Valentine Charm for 25%). Without the use of an Event-specific charm, the maximum is 65%, using an Attraction Charm for 5% instead of a Valentine Charm; or by mixing Soiled and Wild Growth for 25% attraction bonus atop the Tacky Glue Trap.

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