Lunar New Year

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Lunar New Year is an annual event that coincides with the Chinese New Year.

The mice found during the Lunar New Year event may require special cheeses or charms to attract. This attraction information can be found on the current event location page.

Lunar New Year Event History

Lunar New Year Event Mice

These are the mice that may be encountered during the annual Lunar New Year event.

Calligraphy 1,888 888
Costumed Dog 2,888 5,888
Costumed Dragon 2,888 888
Costumed Horse 2,888 5,888
Costumed Monkey 2,888 5,888
Costumed Pig 3,888 5,888
Costumed Rabbit 1,888 888
Costumed Rooster 2,888 5,888
Costumed Sheep 2,888 5,888
Costumed Snake 2,888 5,888
Costumed Tiger 1,602 888
Lunar Red Candle Maker 2,888 2,222
Red Envelope 888 221

Additional Event Mice

These mice sometimes appear during the annual Lunar New Year event. Their presence may change from year to year.

New Years 2,200 200
Party Head 2,000 2,000
Present 900 900

Lunar New Year Charms

Lunar New Year Charms may have special effects during the annual Lunar New Year event.


The annual Lunar New Year event has sometimes been combined with the Valentine's Day event due to their proximity on the calendar.