Valentine's Day 2017

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Valentine's Day 2017
Number of Event Mice: 8
Starting Date: 13 February 2017
Ending Date: 16 February 2017


Valentine's Mice have been spotted in a variety of locations throughout the Kingdom. Each Valentine's Mouse captured will drop a King's Credit, Valentine Charms, and bonus loot based on the location where they are caught.

Hunters may travel to the various locations where the Valentine's Mice can be found by selecting More Info in the HUD above the Journal. The HUD also attracts the Hunter's inventory of Valentine Charms and Lucky Valentine Charms.

Note: Valentine Charms and Lucky Valentine Charms do not have any special attraction effects for the Valentine's Mice.

Hunting Locations and Bonus Loot

Valentine's Mice are present in 12 different locations. They can be attracted by using any Standard Cheese (or String Cheeses in the Gnawnia Rift). The type of loot they drop is determined by where they are captured.

Basic supplies to help new hunters.
Pinches of gold to fill your coffers.
Gnarly and damp supplies.
Glowing globes and pieces of bait.
Carefully crafted orbs of glass aplenty!
Furoma supplies to lure Student and Master alike.
Wide array of isle supplies, even some rare finds!
Scraps of war and invasion supplies.
Regroup at the market to supply against the Marching Flame!
Both docked and diving, collect oxygen and more!
Essences and calcified bits of mist.
Fungus, Nightshade, Minerals, and more!

Note: Although Valentine's Mice have been able to brace the underwater currents outside the Sunken City, they're not quite talented enough swimmers to reach all underwater zones. Hunters won't encounter any Valentine's Mice within the following zones: Sand Dollar Sea Bar, Feeding Grounds, Pearl Patch, Carnivore Cove, Sunken Treasure, Monster Trench, Oxygen Stream, Magma Flow, and Lair of the Ancients.

Valentine's Day Event Mice

These are the Event mice that may be encountered during the annual Valentine's Day event.

These mice will drop a King's Credit, Valentine Charm, and bonus loot based on the location where they are caught.

Cupid 875 900
Forever Alone 1,200 600
Gentleman Caller 850 1,000
Juliyes 999 999
Lovely Sports 1,850 450
Romeno 0 300
Romeo 1,000 1,200
Totally Not Bitter 1,850 450


Treasure Maps

Hunters may purchase a Valentine's Scroll Case from a Cartographer located in each of the 12 locations where Valentine's Mice can be encountered. The cost is 2 Ancient Relics.

The scroll case contains a map requiring Hunters to track down each of the eight Valentine's Mice.

The search for treasure leads to Valentine's Treasure Chests containing King's Credits, Points, Gold, Ancient Charms, Valentine Charms, Lucky Valentine Charms, and potentially a Valentine's trap skin! Use Rare Map Dust on the map to discover a rare chest which contains substantially more charms and is guaranteed to have a trap skin inside.

  • Valentine's Trap Skins: