Muridae Market

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Muridae Market
Region: Sandtail Desert
Minimum Rank: Baron/Baroness
Travel Requirement: Sandtail Call to Arms
1 Warpath Victory
Required Power Types: Law
Required Charm: Artisan Charm
Number of Mice: 13
Shops: Cheese Shoppe
Charm Shoppe
General Store
Lose Gold: Yes
Lose Points: No
Lose Cheese: Yes
Release Date: 2 June 2011
This fortified market has been ravaged by the relentless attacks of the Marching Flame. Local merchants are eagerly seeking the help of hunters to find construction materials and help rebuild their shops.


Muridae Market is a hunting location in Sandtail Desert region.

It requires a minimum Rank of Baron/Baroness and the Sandtail Call to Arms to access.
A Warpath Victory is also required to access this location.

The Hunter has to rebuild the shops here to make purchases.

Shop Rebuilding

In Muridae Market, the Hunter must rebuild the shops first to be able to make purchases.

Among the building materials:

Shop Required Building Materials Achievement Reward
Cheese Shoppe 30 - - - Rebuild Cheese Shoppe 30 SUPER|brie+
Trapsmith 70 120 60 - Rebuild Trapsmith 30 Flameshard
Charm Shoppe 160 100 120 - Rebuild Charm Shoppe 30 Artisan Charm
10 Lucky Power Charm
General Store 60 40 - - Rebuild General Store 6 Coconut Timber
4 Shard of Glass
Cartographer 30 20 - 25 Rebuild Cartographer 100,000 gold

Heads-Up Display

The Muridae Market HUD allows the Hunter to Rebuild the shops and then access them.

It also tracks the Hunter's supply of:


All mice found in Muridae Market are part of the Muridae Market Mice group.

All mice found here have a weakness to Law, Physical, and Tactical power types.

Standard Cheese can be used to attract mice here. SUPER|brie+ is required to attract Desert Architect Mouse.
Artisan Charm is required to attract mice that drop Papyrus.

Mouse Points Gold Without
Blacksmith 21,000 6,000 X Papyrus
Scrap Metal
Simple Orb
Desert Architect
Requires SUPER|brie+
10,000 2,400 X X Coconut Timber
Limestone Brick
Shard of Glass
Desert Nomad 40,000 4,000 X
Falling Carpet 9,800 1,600 X X
Glass Blower 18,000 6,000 X X Shard of Glass
Limestone Miner 14,000 5,200 X X Limestone Brick
Lumberjack 15,500 3,000 X X Coconut Timber
Mage Weaver 29,000 900 X Flawless Orb
Ionized Salt
Simple Orb
Market Guard 22,000 8,000 X
Market Thief 25,000 9,000 X
Pie Thief 8,250 900 X X
Snake Charmer 4,200 600 X
Spice Merchant 11,000 2,400 X X

Hunting Strategy

Hunting Tips by Larry

Oh dear, the Marching Flame has left this market in ruins!

Merchants have ordered a large supply of construction materials but it seems the local mice have managed to steal them all! They need your help hunting down the thieving rodents to find the materials required to rebuild their shops.

Rebuilding each shop will require varying amounts of Limestone Brick, Coconut Timber and Molten Glass. To make Molten Glass, you'll need to first rebuild the General Store where Shards of Glass and Flameshards can be exchanged in return for Molten Glass.

Using Brie or Gouda Cheese works well at attracting mice that carry construction materials, however, using SUPER|brie+ will attract the cunning Desert Architect Mouse. Don't let their size fool you -- Desert Architects are known to carry a large supply of building materials!

The Charm Shoppe requires quite a few materials to rebuild, but by rebuilding it you'll be able to purchase Artisan Charms. These charms will attract a wider variety of mice that carry unique loot, including an abundance of orbs!

Good luck rebuilding the market, and remember: Limestone is heavy, lift with your legs!

Adventure Book

Hunter can complete the Rebuild the Muridae Market adventure in Muridae Market.

Location-Specific Effects




These are the shops found in Muridae Market.

Cheese Shoppe

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Swiss Cheese 100 Gold 1 Rebuild Cheese Shoppe 100 Gold
Brie Cheese 200 Gold 1 Rebuild Cheese Shoppe 200 Gold
Gouda Cheese 600 Gold 1 Rebuild Cheese Shoppe 600 Gold


Item Cost Requirement Refund
Papyrus Base 1,296,000 gold
98 Papyrus
35 Scrap Metal
1 Rebuild Trapsmith 233,280 gold
Item Power Type Cost Requirement Refund
Dimensional Chest Trap Tactical 1,200,000 gold
175 Flameshard
1 Rebuild Trapsmith
1 Warpath Victory
216,000 gold
Sandtail Sentinel Physical 3,000,000 gold
300 Flameshard
1 Rebuild Trapsmith
2 Warpath Victory
540,000 gold

Charm Shoppe

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Charmbit 25 gold None 20 gold
Artisan Charm 350 gold
1 Limestone Brick
1 Coconut Timber
1 Shard of Glass
1 Rebuild Charm Shoppe N/A
Super Warpath Commander's Charm 300 gold
1 Warpath Commander's Charm
3 Flameshard
1 Rebuild Charm Shoppe N/A
Flamebane Charm 800 gold
12 Shard of Glass
1 Rebuild Charm Shoppe
3 Warpath Victory
Monger Charm 12,000 gold
60 Flameshard
1 Rebuild Charm Shoppe
6 Warpath Victory
3,600 gold
Lucky Power Charm 800 gold 1 Rebuild Charm Shoppe 240 gold
Super Power Charm 900 gold 1 Rebuild Charm Shoppe 270 gold
Super Luck Charm 1,250 gold 1 Rebuild Charm Shoppe 375 gold
Super Lucky Power Charm 2,500 gold 1 Rebuild Charm Shoppe 750 gold
Extreme Power Charm 1,500 gold 1 Rebuild Charm Shoppe 450 gold
Extreme Luck Charm 4,500 gold 1 Rebuild Charm Shoppe 1,350 gold

General Store

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Curds and Whey 12 gold 1 Rebuild General Store 3 gold
Coconut Timber 200 gold
3 Limestone Brick
1 Rebuild General Store N/A
Shard of Glass 300 gold
3 Coconut Timber
1 Rebuild General Store N/A
Ionized Salt 450 gold 1 Rebuild General Store 150 gold
Molten Glass 800 gold
1 Shard of Glass
1 Flameshard
1 Rebuild General Store N/A


Item Cost Requirement Refund
Living Garden Key 180,000 gold 1 Rebuild Cartographer N/A
Sunken Souvenir 228,000 gold
90 Molten Glass
1 Rebuild Cartographer N/A
Fungal Cavern Map Piece 230,000 gold 1 Rebuild Cartographer N/A
Muridae Protector's Scroll Case 5 Ancient Relic 1 Rebuild Cartographer N/A

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