Claw Shot City

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Claw Shot City
Region: Varmint Valley
Minimum Rank: Lord/Lady
Travel Requirement: Calm Clearing Map Piece
Required Power Type: Law
Number of Mice: 21
Shops: Cartographer
Charm Shoppe
Cheese Shoppe
General Store
Lose Gold: No
Lose Points: No
Lose Cheese: No
Release Date: 25 June 2013
It was a dry and dusty day in Gnawnia when the Old West rolled into town... And with it came some of the meanest, nastiest creatures you ever did saw. The local Marshall needs MouseHunters to help bring the Law back to this valley. Will you help track down the lawless Wild Bunch gangs?


Claw Shot City is a location in the Varmint Valley region requiring a minimum rank of Lord/Lady and the Calm Clearing Map Piece to enter. Mice are unable to steal a Hunters' supplies in Claw Shot City.

The Calm Clearing Map Piece is obtained by completing the Discover the Harbour's Secrets Adventure.

The mice found in Claw Shot City are determined by whether or not Hunters have an open Wanted Poster. Sealed Wanted Posters can be found as loot from the Bounty Hunter Mouse.

A Law weapon is required to successfully capture the mice found in Claw Shot City.

Wanted Poster

Wanted Posters are found in Sealed Wanted Posters dropped by the Bounty Hunter Mouse. They are an Area-Specific Treasure Map. Unlike other Treasure Maps, only 2 Hunters may work each Wanted Poster,

Sheriff's Badge Charms can be armed to guarantee that the Bounty Hunter Mouse will drop a Sealed Wanted Poster.

There are 6 groups of mice found on Wanted Posters and which group a Hunter finds is completely random. Each Wanted Poster contains one Ringleader and 4 Accomplices. It does not matter where the Accomplices are caught, but all 4 must be captured before the Ringleader can be encountered.

The Corrupt Cartel

  • Ringleader:
  • Accomplices:

The Dirt Dealers

  • Ringleader:
  • Accomplices:

The Scamping Scammers

  • Ringleader:
  • Accomplices:

The Thieves Gang

  • Ringleader:
  • Accomplices:

The Thugs

  • Ringleader:
  • Accomplices:

The Travelling Terror

  • Ringleader:
  • Accomplices:


All mice in this area are from the Wild Bunch group and are weak only to Law weapons.
The Bounty Hunter Mouse is the only source for Sealed Wanted Posters, which contain one of six varieties of Wanted Poster.
All Ringleader mice and most Accomplice mice require that a Hunter have an open Wanted Poster before they can be attracted.
Each Wanted Poster contains one Ringleader and 4 Accomplices and all 4 Accomplices must be captured before the Ringleader can be encountered.
The Gang encountered in Claw Shot City is determined by which of the six varieties of Wanted Poster is open.

Bounty Hunter Mouse

Hunters must capture a Bounty Hunter Mouse to obtain a Sealed Wanted Poster. Sealed Wanted Posters contain Wanted Posters, which are required to attract most Accomplice mice and all Ringleader mice. Sealed Wanted Posters are not a guaranteed loot drop.

The Bounty Hunter Mouse can only be attracted if Hunters do not have a Sealed Wanted Poster in their inventory and do not have an open Wanted Poster. Hunters must claim the Bounty Reward to close out a completed Wanted Poster if they wish to encounter another Bounty Hunter Mouse.

Sheriff's Badge Charms can be armed to guarantee that a captured Bounty Hunter Mouse will drop a Sealed Wanted Poster.

Cheese Preference and Loot

Standard Cheese and SUPER|brie+ will attract all mice in Claw Shot City.
SUPER|brie+ will improve the attraction rate of the Pyrite Mouse, but is not required.








Wanted Poster
Bartender 4,750 5,000 Accomplice Accomplice
Bounty Hunter

Will not appear when:
Wanted Poster is open or
Sealed Wanted Poster is in inventory
6,000 4,000 X Sealed Wanted Poster
Sheriff's Badge Charm
Cardshark 9,000 15,000 Ringleader
Circuit Judge 15,000 9,500 Ringleader
Coal Shoveller 6,000 3,500 Accomplice Accomplice
Desperado 9,500 9,000 Ringleader
Farrier 5,000 7,000 Accomplice Accomplice
Lasso Cowgirl 5,500 2,000 X X X X Accomplice X X
Outlaw 9,500 10,000 Ringleader
Parlour Player 5,500 4,500 Accomplice Accomplice Accomplice
Prospector 5,500 2,000 X X Accomplice X X X X Flawed Orb
Fool's Gold
Pyrite 20,000 5,000 X X X X X X X Fool's Gold
Simple Orb
Ruffian 7,500 1,250 X X X X X Accomplice X
Saloon Gal 3,750 1,200 X X X Accomplice X X X
Shopkeeper 4,500 4,500 X Accomplice X X X X X
Stagecoach Driver 11,000 8,000 Ringleader
Stuffy Banker 8,000 11,500 Accomplice Accomplice Accomplice
Tonic Salesman 3,000 8,750 Accomplice Accomplice Accomplice
Tumbleweed 3,250 900 X X X X X X Accomplice
Undertaker 12,000 9,000 Ringleader
Upper Class Lady 4,500 8,000 Accomplice Accomplice Accomplice

Mice with Special Requirements

Hunting Strategy

The mice found in Claw Shot City are determined by whether Hunters have an open Wanted Poster.

To acquire a Wanted Poster, Hunters must capture a Bounty Hunter Mouse. These mice drop the Sealed Wanted Poster which contains one of six types of Wanted Poster. The Gang found on a Wanted Poster cannot be determined before opening a Sealed Wanted Poster, so Hunters seeking to hunt a specific Ringleader may be required to obtain and open several Sealed Wanted Posters.

When working a Wanted Poster, Hunters must capture the 4 Accomplice mice before the Ringleader mouse can be encountered.

The Bounty Reward from a completed Wanted Poster must be claimed before the Bounty Hunter Mouse can be encountered again.

Location-Specific Effects




Adventure Book

Hunters can Track Claw Shot City's Most Wanted by catching all six Ringleaders in Claw Shot City.

Library Assignments


Claw Shot City mice are worth points during some Tournaments.

Treasure Maps

Wanted Posters are Area-Specific Treasure Maps, therefore Hunters may NOT have a Wanted Poster and another Treasure Map open at the same time.
Many mice in Claw Shot City are often found on Relic Hunter Treasure Maps.

Hunting Tips by Larry

Howdy, y'all!

This here town is chock full of the roughest, rudest and most downright reckless mice I've ever encountered! It seems like none of the old traps can bring them to heel, and they're just running roughshod over all an' sundry!

Your trap will need to be a new kind of tough to bring Law and order to this burg - be sure to visit the Trapsmith and get yourself a new trap!

The local Marshall is run ragged protecting the good people of Claw Shot City, and is turning brave hunters into honorary Sheriffs so that they can help! He's issued a series of bounties for the worst of the Wild Bunch gangs, and I've got a stack of them right h- oh, dagnabit! That Bounty Hunter Mouse just stole off with them! Well, you'd better catch him and get them back! Bring down that Bounty Hunter, reclaim the Wanted Posters, and corner the lawless gangs that run Claw Shot City!

You'll need to rustle up the gang's crew first before you can smoke out the ringleader of each gang - it's a good thing you can bring a friend along as your Deputy to help track down these lawless mice!

If you're finding it tough riding, try out the Prospector's Charms for a helpful power boost, or take a gander at the Sheriff's Badge Charm in the Charm Marketplace to really stick it to that Bounty Hunter Mouse!!

You'll be rewarded Fool's Gold for completing each Wanted Poster, which is pretty valuable around these parts! You can use it to purchase a stronger Law power type trap at the Trapsmith. As more shop owners and citizens move into the city to help it grow and expand, more goodies are sure to come, so collect as much Fool's Gold as you can!

Good luck, and good huntin', pardner! As for me, I'm gonna lay low in the local saloon... It's almost high noon, and those mice sure are hungry!


These are the shops that can be found in Claw Shot City:


Fort Rox Battle Summons 25 Fool's Gold None

Charm Shoppe

Per Piece
Per Piece
Cactus Charm 2 Fool's Gold N/A
Door Guard Charm 1 Fool's Gold N/A
Dusty Coal Charm 1 Fool's Gold N/A
Greasy Glob Charm 1 Fool's Gold N/A
Prospector's Charm
Can also be crafted
450 135
Roof Rack Charm 1 Fool's Gold N/A
Supply Schedule Charm 1 Fool's Gold N/A

Cheese Shoppe

Per Piece
Per Piece
Swiss 100 100
Brie 200 200
Gouda 600 600

General Store

Per Piece
Per Piece
Curds and Whey 12 3
Salt 6 2
Most Wanted Theme 750 Fool's Gold N/A
Balack's Claw Crate 21 Fool's Gold N/A
Furoma Claw Crate 17 Fool's Gold N/A
Iceberg Claw Crate 25 Fool's Gold N/A
Tribal Claw Crate 20 Fool's Gold N/A
Zugzwang's Claw Crate 30 Fool's Gold N/A


Claw Shot Base 75,000

350 Fool's Gold
N/A Lord
title to equip
Power Type
S.L.A.C. Law 150,000 75,000 Lord
title to equip
S.L.A.C. II Law 275,000

500 Fool's Gold
N/A Lord
title to equip

History and Trivia


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