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The S.L.A.C. II is a Law type weapon.

Power Type: Law
Weapon Statistics Weapon Info
Power: 1,500 Title Required: Lord
Power Bonus: 6% Cost: 275,000 gold
500 Fool's Gold
Attraction Bonus: 15% Limited Edition: No
Luck: 0 Crafted: No
Cheese Effect: No Effect Smashable: No
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: External Link
The S.L.A.C. II is an improvement from its predecessor in two ways: The "S" in the acronym now stands for "sling", and the sling itself.

Utilizing the technology of what our scientists are calling "a very large rubber band", the S.L.A.C. II is able to harmlessly* sling mice away from your cheese and back into the desert.

*The slinging process itself does not harm the mouse.

Obtained Via

The S.L.A.C. II can be purchased in the Claw Shot City Trapsmith for 275,000 gold and 500 Fool's Gold. It cannot be refunded.

Location-Specific Effects

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History and Trivia

  • 25 June 2013: The S.L.A.C. II became available for purchase with the release of the Claw Shot City location.