S.S. Huntington IV

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This article is about the hunting location. For the Map Piece, see S.S. Huntington IV (item).
S.S. Huntington IV
Region: Rodentia
Rank requirement: Legendary
Map piece: S.S. Huntington IV map piece
Required Power Type: Hydro
Required Cheese: Standard Cheese
Galleon Gouda
Number of Mice: 19
Shops: Cheese Shoppe
Charm Shoppe
General Store
Release Date: 4 June 2009
This fine vessel has been granted permission by the King to sail the open ocean east of Gnawnia, and has been upgraded with hundreds of thousands of interlocking hull fragments, allowing it to breach even the dangerous Iceberg with ease.


S.S. Huntington IV is a hunting location in Rodentia region.
It requires the rank of Legendary and the S.S. Huntington IV map piece to access.

Hunters will need to catch 3 specific mice to loot Compass, Sextant, and Telescope to craft the Ocean Navigation Kit.
The Ocean Navigation Kit is the map piece to unlock Tribal Isles.


All mice aboard the S.S. Huntington IV are part of the Aquatic Order, except the Crown Collector and Nibbler mice, which are part of the Indigenous Mice group.
Hydro power type is very effective again the mice here, while Physical and Tactical are also effective.

Galleon Gouda can be used to reduce the mouse population and boost the attraction rate of Shelder Mouse.

Mouse Points Gold Standard Cheese Galleon Gouda Loot
Bottled 3,360 660 X X Compass
Briegull 360 440 X
Buccaneer 4,290 2,750 X X
Captain 6,500 5,000 X X Telescope
Requires SUPER|brie+
4,090 90 X Ancient Relic
Larry's Sandwich
Crown Collector 1,000 1,000 X X
Hydra 9,640 5,760 X X Bolt of Cloth
Scrap Metal
Simple Orb
Splintered Wood
Leviathan 6,910 2,880 X X Ancient Relic
Simple Orb
Mermouse 2,400 600 X X
Requires SUPER|brie+
1,100 1,400 X Ancient Relic
Pinchy 325 400 X
Pirate 350 2,750 X X
Salt Water Snapper 1,980 1,200 X
Shelder 2,600 300 X X Ancient Relic
Shipwrecked 2,100 90 X X Flawless Orb
Siren 5,200 600 X
Squeaken 5,528 3,456 X X Ancient Relic
Simple Orb
Swabbie 70 50 X
Water Nymph 4,725 790 X

Hunting Strategy

Hunting Tips by Larry

Welcome aboard, MouseHunter!

What a lovely job you did constructing this vessel... It's a pity that it's overrun with mice already.

If you want to clean up a bit, you should know that many of the mice here live in the open water. As such, you will find them especially weak to Hydro traps, which you can buy from the Trapsmith onboard.

If you're looking to sail far off into the ocean, you'll need to build yourself an Ocean Navigation Kit. I'm sure some of the mice here will have stolen the necessary components at some point or other...

Adventure Book

The Hunter can complete the Navigate the Rodentia Ocean adventure in S.S. Huntington IV.


These are the shops found in S.S. Huntington IV.

Cheese Shoppe

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Marble Cheese 50 gold None 50 gold
Swiss Cheese 100 gold None 100 gold
Brie Cheese 200 gold None 200 gold


Item Cost Requirement Refund
Bamboozler Base 75,000 gold None 13,500 gold
Aqua Base 115,000 gold None 20,700 gold
Item Power Type Cost Requirement Refund
Net Cannon Hydro 450,000 gold None 81,000 gold
Harpoon Gun Hydro 450,000 gold None 81,000 gold

Charm Shoppe

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Charmbit 25 gold None 20 gold
Power Charm 150 gold None 45 gold
Luck Charm 300 gold None 90 gold
Lucky Power Charm 900 gold None 270 gold
Super Power Charm 500 gold None 150 gold
Super Luck Charm 750 gold None 225 gold

General Store

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Salt 6 gold None 2 gold
Curds and Whey 12 gold None 3 gold
Ionized Salt 450 gold None 150 gold


Item Cost Requirement Refund
Icebreaker License 145,000 gold None N/A

History and Trivia

  • Two days after MouseHunters noticed that the ship in the map of the Harbour was changed to a wreck, this location was discovered. According to developers, the location was named "Huntington because it has the word hunting in the name. It's named as the second because the first one that was in the Harbour sank."
  • 24 May 2012: With the introduction of the Iceberg, the ship was renamed to the S.S. Huntington III
  • The previous name, S.S. Huntington II, came with the following description:
This fine vessel has been granted permission by the King to sail the open ocean east of Gnawnia. Who knows what exotic hunting grounds are out there just waiting to be discovered..?
A particularly icy Festive Comet has crashed into the Rodentia Ocean, obliterating the S.S. Huntington III! Fortunately, the King's Royal Astronomers observed that the comet was off-course and would land in the ocean instead of its usual landing spot near the castle. This allowed the King's Royal Engineers to construct a replacement ship ahead of time with the ample supply of Splintered Wood in the King's Royal Sawmill. You can find the new and improved S.S. Huntington IV just north of its previous location.

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