Prologue Pond

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Prologue Pond
Region: Folklore Forest
Minimum Rank: Archduke/Archduchess
Travel Requirement: Legendary Looking Glass
Required Power Type: Hydro
Required Cheeses: Standard Cheese
Stormy Clamembert
Number of Mice: 11
Shops: Cheese Shoppe
Charm Shoppe
General Store
Lose Gold: -
Lose Points: -
Lose Cheese: -
Release Date: 26 July 2022
Push off from shore, cast your line, and go fishing for Inspiration Ink!


Prologue Pond is a hunting location in Folklore Forest region.

Foreword Farm, Prologue Pond, and Table of Contents are 3 connected hunting locations.

They require the minimum rank of Archduke/Archduchess and the Legendary Looking Glass to access.

Inspiration Ink earned here can be used to purchase different type of cheese to use in Table of Contents.
Pond Penny earned here can be used to unlock several Upgrades in those 3 locations.

Gameplay Mechanics


In this location, the loot from mice is determined by 2 factors:

Cheese Brainstorm Chum off Brainstorm Chum on
Standard Cheese Ingenuity Grub N/A
Grubbeen Pond Penny Cleverness Clam
Clamembert Pond Penny Inspiration Ink
Stormy Clamembert Pond Penny Inspiration Ink

Brainstorm Chum cannot be used when Standard Cheese is armed.


The Hunter can upgrade their fishing equipment to gain different boosts on hunting in the location.
Unlocking each upgrade rewards 10 Condensed Creativity.

Upgrade Description Cost
Gold Pond
Gnawbel Prize
for Literature
Reinforced Tackle Box Doubles all Ingenuity Grub loot drops! 150,000 25 -
Refrigerated Bait Box Doubles all Cleverness Clam loot drops! 500,000 100 -
Carbon Fibre Fishing Rod Doubles all Inspiration Ink loot drops! 1,000,000 500 -
Chainmail Fishing Net Doubles all Pond Penny loot drops! 2,500,000 1,000 150
High Tension Fishing Line Doubles all Inspiration Ink loot drops again! 5,000,000 2,000 500
Steam-powered Fishing Reel Doubles all Inspiration Ink loot drops yet again! 10,000,000 4,000 2,500

Heads-Up Display


Info interface

Each tab provides information on what to do in each location.

Foreword Farm

Tend your fields and harvest Parable Papyrus in the Foreword Farm!

Hunt with any standard bait to collect Papyrus Seeds.

Use Papyrus Seeds to plant Mythical Mulch Plants.

Defend your crops from the hungry pest mice. Each catch will grow your plants!

Harvest Mythical Mulch and use it with Papyrus Seeds to plant Parable Papyrus Plants.

Grow your plants to maturity and harvest Parable Papyrus.

Prologue Pond

Go fishing for Inspiration Ink at the Prologue Pond!

Hunt with any standard bait to collect Ingenuity Grubs then use them to craft Grubbeen Cheese.

Hunt with Grubbeen Cheese to collect Pond Pennies and use them to craft Brainstorm Chum.

Scatter Brainstorm Chum while hunting with Grubbeen cheese to collect Cleverness Clams.

Use Cleverness Clams to craft Clamembert Cheese and use it with Brainstorm Chum to collect Inspiration Ink.

Table of Contents

Write your masterpiece in the Table of Contents to earn Gnawbel Prizes for Literature!

Start writing a book with any standard bait and collect Draft Derby Curds.

Catch mice to write words! The mouse's point value will determine how many words you write per catch.

Use Draft Derby Curds with Parable Papyrus and Inspiration Ink to craft the various tiers of Draft Derby Cheese.

Each tier of Draft Derby cheese will attract mice with higher point values, allowing you to write longer books.

Longer books will reward more Draft Derby Curds and more Gnawbel Prizes for Literature!

Once you reach the Encyclopedia of Lore, you can use Final Draft Derby to attract the Mythweaver!






All mice found in Prologue Pond are part of the Prologue Pond Prowlers group.

Only Hydro power type works against these mice.

Mouse Points Gold Sub-group Standard
Grubbeen Clamembert Stormy
when not using
Brainstorm Chum
when using
Brainstorm Chum
Architeuthulhu of the Abyss 100,000 30,000 Deep Divers X Pond Penny Inspiration Ink
Beachcomber 35,000 3,500 Grub Gatherers X Ingenuity Grub N/A
Careless Catfish 45,000 9,000 Shallow Swimmers X Pond Penny Cleverness Clam
Covetous Coastguard
Requires SUPER|brie+
40,000 5,000 Grub Gatherers X Ingenuity Grub N/A
Melodramatic Minnow 50,000 10,000 Shallow Swimmers X Pond Penny Cleverness Clam
Nefarious Nautilus 62,000 13,000 Deep Divers X Pond Penny Inspiration Ink
Pompous Perch 42,000 8,000 Shallow Swimmers X Pond Penny Cleverness Clam
Sand Sifter 38,000 5,000 Grub Gatherers X Ingenuity Grub N/A
Sinister Squid 58,000 12,000 Deep Divers X Pond Penny Inspiration Ink
Tackle Tracker 40,000 6,000 Grub Gatherers X Ingenuity Grub N/A
Vicious Vampire Squid 64,000 15,000 Deep Divers X Pond Penny Inspiration Ink

Hunting Strategy

Hunting Tips by Larry

Ahoy there hunter and welcome to the Prologue Pond!

This pond seems to be a quite a bit deeper than your typical pond and also has an especially strange (and somewhat dangerous) ecosystem!

Before you push off from the dock, make sure to collect some Ingenuity Grubs from the mice roaming the shoreline. You can use these colourful critters to create Grubbeen Cheese. Then just arm your Grubbeen and start fishing!

At first, you'll find that these odd aquatic mice only drop Pond Pennies. You'll need to use these Pond Pennies to create Brainstorm Chum and once you start scattering Brainstorm Chum while hunting, the mice will get so excited that they'll drop Cleverness Clams instead!

With Cleverness Clams, you can make Clamembert Cheese and if you scatter Brainstorm Chum with that cheese armed then you'll start pulling up the coveted Inspiration Ink!

There is a third type of cheese here too called Stormy Clamembert but be very careful with that one. The locals say that it will lure a very dangerous creature up from the deepest, darkest part of the pond! You're gonna need a bigger boat!

Adventure Book

The Hunter can complete steps of the Outwrite the Mythweaver adventure in Prologue Pond.


These are the shops found in Prologue Pond.

Cheese Shoppe

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Grubbeen Cheese 1,000 gold
1 Ingenuity Grub
None N/A
2-Pack of Grubbeen Cheese 1 Ingenuity Grub
1 Magic Essence
None N/A
Clamembert Cheese 5,000 gold
1 Cleverness Clam
None N/A
2-Pack of Clamembert Cheese 1 Cleverness Clam
1 Magic Essence
None N/A
Stormy Clamembert Cheese 10,000 gold
20 Clamembert Cheese
20 Brainstorm Chum
None N/A
2-Pack of Stormy Clamembert Cheese 20 Clamembert Cheese
20 Brainstorm Chum
1 Magic Essence
None N/A
Gouda Cheese 600 Gold None 600 Gold
Brie Cheese 200 Gold None 200 Gold
Swiss Cheese 100 Gold None 100 Gold


Item Power Type Cost Requirement Refund
Tome of the Mind's Eye Trap Forgotten 15,000,000 gold
100 Gnawbel Prize for Literature
None N/A
Charming PrinceBot Physical 26,000,000 gold
2,500 Gnawbel Prize for Literature
None N/A
Dark Magic Mirrors Trap Shadow 59,000,000 gold
2,500 Gnawbel Prize for Literature
None N/A

Charm Shoppe

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Spore Charm 1,000 gold
25 Pond Penny
None N/A
Super Spore Charm 1,500 gold
2 Spore Charm
None N/A
Extreme Spore Charm 2,000 gold
2 Super Spore Charm
1 Outwrite the Mythweaver N/A
Ultimate Spore Charm 2,500 gold
2 Extreme Spore Charm
20 Gnawbel Prize for Literature
1 Outwrite the Mythweaver N/A

General Store

Item Cost Requirement Refund
Brainstorm Chum 1,000 gold
1 Pond Penny
None N/A
Curds and Whey 12 Gold None 3 Gold
Ionized Salt 450 Gold None 150 Gold

History and Trivia

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