Unstable Magnum Opus

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This meticulously crafted masterwork is the ultimate culmination of the most grandiose, thought-provoking, and culture-defining ideas that the Gnawnian literary world has ever known. The elegantly written prose contained on these pages is so dangerously avant-garde that it narrowly straddles the line between genius and madness and as such, is far too unstable to be read by the general public. Only esteemed authors that have earned sufficient accolades for themselves are qualified to obtain and read this highly volatile but extremely valuable masterpiece.

This unstable item will reward powerful charms including Rainbow Spore charms as well as other useful and valuable items.


Unstable Magnum Opus can be purchased from the General Store in Foreword Farm, Prologue Pond, and Table of Contents for:

It is placed under the Special inventory tab.


When "read", an Unstable Magnum Opus yields:

Selection group Item Quantity
(A) 1 slot of Gold 50,000
Gold 100,000
Gold 250,000
Gold 2,500,000
Gold 5,000,000
(B) 1 slot of Condensed Creativity 10
Condensed Creativity 20
Magic Essence 20
Magic Essence 40
(C) 1 slot of Extreme Spore Charm 50
Spore Charm 50
Super Spore Charm 50
Ultimate Spore Charm 50
(D) 1 slot of Rainbow Spore Charm 2
Rainbow Spore Charm 4
Rainbow Spore Charm 6
Rainbow Spore Charm 8
(E) 1 slot of Ultimate Luck Charm 10
Ultimate Lucky Power Charm 10
Ultimate Power Charm 10
(F) 0-1 slot of Ember Charm 1
Ultimate Charm 1

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History and Trivia

  • 27 September 2022: Unstable Magnum Opus was introduced as a part of the update for Folklore Forest.

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