Unstable Curd

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The combination of Ionized Salt, Onyx and Curds and Whey has made this extremely volatile lump of supersaturated curd. The slightest poke will cause the curd to stabilize into a random form of cheese.

Acquiring Unstable Curd

The Unstable Curd can be crafted using the following formula:

Formula: Unstable Curd
Item Qty Cost (Each)
Curds and Whey 1 12
Ionized Salt 1 450 / Loot
Onyx Stone 1 Loot
Total 12 – 462

The Unstable Curd can also be obtained from opening Unstable Ember Gadget.

It is placed under the Special inventory tab.

Unstable Curd Contents

When "poked", an Unstable Curd yields one of the following cheese:

Cheese Quantity
Ancient 10
Brie 30
Combat 7
Glutter 7
Gnarled 20
Gouda 20
Limelight 10
Moon 10
Onyx Gorgonzola 8-12
Radioactive Blue 20
Rumble 5
Runic 5
Susheese 7
Swiss 60
Wicked Gnarly 5

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History and Trivia

  • 9 March 2010: The Unstable Curd was released with the introduction of Dojo Sensei.

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