Unstable Manuscript

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The concepts, characters, and plot points scribbled on these pages are so wild and unstable that they're not only unfit for publication but they're unfit for this plane of existence! Beware that reading the raw content on these unedited pages may result in a dangerous but useful explosion of creative energy!

This unstable item will reward Draft Derby Curds, supplies for the Foreword Farm or Prologue Pond, and spore charms.


Unstable Manuscript can be purchased from the General Store in Foreword Farm, Prologue Pond, and Table of Contents for:

It is placed under the Special inventory tab.


When "read", an Unstable Manuscript yields:

Selection group Item Quantity
(A) Guaranteed Draft Derby Curd 20
(B) 1 slot of Ingenuity Grub 5
Mythical Mulch 1
Papyrus Seed 5
Stormy Clamembert Potion 1
(C) 1 slot of Extreme Spore Charm 1
Spore Charm 2
Super Spore Charm 2

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History and Trivia

  • 27 September 2022: Unstable Manuscript was introduced as a part of the update for Folklore Forest.

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